Dolphin Eduventure Makes Learning Fun!

Our Dolphin Bay Eduventures are proving very popular with school groups this year, with 908 kids from 20 schools participating so far.

Eduventure is a brilliant way for children to interact with dolphins while educating them on the importance of marine life and its conservation.

The fun programme lasts for 2 hours including training tips, conservation tips, information on other species and a fifteen minute shallow water interaction focused on the anatomical and physiological adaptations of dolphins.  Afterward, each participant gets a certificate of completion. Read More »

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Ossiano and The Royal Bridge Suite Get Top Honours at the Middle East Hotel Awards

Atlantis, The Palm brought home two awards at the recent Middle East Hotel Awards.

Ossiano won for Best Restaurant and the Royal Bridge Suite for Best Hotel Suite.

Ossiano and The Royal Bridge Suite get top Honours at the Middle East Hotel Awards Read More »

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اطلاق خيمة مونديال 2014 لمتابعة مباريات كأس العالم في اتلانتس النخلة دبي

World Cup 2014

يستعد منتجع أتلانتس النخلة لإطلاق خيمة “مونديال 2014” الفارهة المخصصة لمشاهدة مباريات كأس العالم 2014 يوم 12 يونيو لتستقبل الضيوف يومياً من الساعة 7 مساءاً وتعرض جميع مباريات كأس العالم باللغة العربية من خلال 13 شاشة عرض ضخمة.

وتقدم الخيمة، التي تقع بالقرب من خيمة “أساطير” الرمضانية الشهيرة في المنتجع، خدمات ضيافة بطابع عربي لتضيف تجربة نوعية لمتابعة مبارات المونديال بجو من الحماسة التي تعكس ريادة دبي في تقديم أفضل تجارب الترفيه والتسلية.

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The Big Blue Blubbers have arrived in Lost Chambers!

Atlantis - the big blue blubbers have arrived in the Lost Chambers

Hundreds of blue blubber jellyfish (Catostylus mosaicus) are now amazing our guests in Lost Chambers at Atlantis, The Palm.
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Celebrities were amongst the crowds taking ‘selfies’ with an intricate sand replica of Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai, in Bluewater Shopping Centre this weekend, as Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai, launched its exciting ‘selfie’ competition. For three weeks, the UK’s avid shoppers are encouraged to post a creative snapshot of themselves online with the hashtag #AtlantisSelfie next to the landmark resort’s six tonne sand sculpture for a chance to win a luxury 5-star holiday for a family of four.
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