The New Rides at Aquaventure Waterpark Are Coming!

The world’s largest diameter slide.

The world’s first timed, dual racing slides… within another slide.

The first installation of a twin water loop in The Middle East.

The longest zip line circuit in The Middle East and the first zip line integrated into a waterslide tower in the world.

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Have you been to Asateer?

As you know, the holy month of Ramadan is upon us and it is a time of  fasting, charity, kindness, forgiveness and interacting with friends and family.

Dining is also an important element as Muslims around the world break their daily fast with a sunset meal, Iftar, and the pre-sunrise, Suhour.

Atlantis, The Palm honours the traditions of Ramadan and hosts one of the best Iftar and Suhour dining experiences in Dubai at the iconic Asateer tent.

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Life inside Atlantis, The Palm’s Lost Chambers Aquarium

Did you know Jellyfish have no brain, heart or bones?

Or that coral reefs are home to 25% of all fish?

You can find fun, aquatic facts like this and more on our new “Life In Lost Chambers Aquarium” infographic.

Lost Chambers Aquarium Infographic
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Ferrari, Lamborghini or Bentley?

“Would you like a Ferrari 458 Spyder, Lamborghini Spyder or Bentley GT Convertible with your suite?”

Atlantis - Ferrari Lamborghini or Bently

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Guest Blog from FooDiva: There’s More to Ramadan Than Iftar

Atlantis Ramadan experience

We recently blogged about what Ramadan is all about at Atlantis, The Palm. With the holy month expected to begin tomorrow, our resident guest blogger and local food scene expert, FooDiva, has shared her thoughts on Ramadan dining experiences on this month’s edition of her series.

There’s more to Ramadan than Iftar

With Ramadan around the corner, lavish and often overwhelming buffet feasts are rolled out for Iftar, but we don’t often hear about Suhoor (you will see it spelt in many different ways!), an integral element of this holy month. So what does this experience entail?

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