The Lights are out at Atlantis for Earth Hour 2011

27 March, 2011 By admin

Atlantis The Palm joined millions of people around the World last night to celebrate Earth Hour, for 60 minutes, by switching off the lights at the Royal Towers in Dubai, to raise awareness on climate change and global warming.

Hundreds of guests showed up at the Royal Beach at Atlantis to take part in the candle lighting event, where children and parents could make a wish, light a candle and place them into environmentally friendly paper lanterns, creating a large 100 square meter number “60” symbolizing the famous Earth Hour.

Children, teenagers and parents helped create and light the lanterns throughout the evening, despite the strong Northern winds that swept the country throughout the evening. But the sense of excitement and morale meant that no one was going to give up. And rightly so, 8:30pm came, the “60” was ready for darkness, and everybody was thrilled about Earth Hour.

Once the lights went off, a series of “Black-out” parties, educational talks and social activities took place in Club Rush and the Kids Club to raise awareness on Earth Hour and educate the children about energy saving and its impact on global warming.

“The teens that came with us to the candle lighting were very eager to participate” Said Yvonne Renner, Club Rush. “We had spoken to them about Earth Hour, the significance of the ‘60’ and how it all started. We also told them how Atlantis is actively participating in this event every year. They definitely had a great time out on the beach lighting the candles and despite the wind they were determined to light all the candles and the end result was great”.