Introducing The Exciting Atlantis Dolphin Scuba Dive

Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai is excited to announce the arrival of our newest experience: Atlantis Dolphin Scuba Dive. This new experience allows guests to dive into the depths of Dolphin Bay Lagoon alongside one of our resident Dolphins. The dive takes place in 3 metres of water and offers a unique view of these charismatic creatures.

Guests have enjoyed a variety of experiences since the opening of Dolphin Bay at Atlantis. Dolphin Bay is a 4.5 hectare environment and the largest coastal dolphin habitat in the world, with seven interconnected resident pools and three interaction lagoons complete with sandy beaches and a tropical setting, offering the perfect location for this once-in-a lifetime experience.

Atlantis offers the following exciting dolphin interaction programmes:

  • Atlantis Dolphin Encounter (shallow water interaction)
    Atlantis Dolphin Encounter takes place in waist deep water and ensures that guests can enjoy a variety of amazing experiences from a kiss and a hug and other great interactions with our dolphin family.
  • Atlantis Dolphin Adventure
    Atlantis Dolphin Adventure happens in the deep waters of the interaction lagoons and the guest can experience everything from an intimate kiss and hug to the infamous belly ride where guests hold onto the pectoral fins of the dolphin and are propelled forward through the water for the ultimate joy ride.
  • Atlantis Royal Swim
    Guests can swim out to the depths of the lagoon and are able to experience the foot push where the dolphins glide guests across the waters using all of their strength as part of Atlantis Royal Swim.
  • Dolphin Photo Fun
    Guests can enjoy a 10 minute session at the water’s edge where you will learn more about beautiful dolphins and be close enough to touch, kiss and even dance with your new friend without getting in the water all as part of Dolphin Photo Fun.
  • Observer Pass
    Observer Pass is for those who don’t want to get wet, they can purchase a Dolphin Bay Beach Observer Pass. Guests are able to relax in a chaise lounge, take photographs and enjoy a complimentary soft drink.
  • Unique Encounter
    In the Unique Encounter, guests can also enjoy the 3 programmes with family and friends in complete privacy with the Private Lagoon or Exclusive Pod options.

Once the interaction is completed, guests can visit The Dolphin Bay Education Centre which features a video presentation wall, interactive kiosks, and an audio corner to hear real dolphin and whale sounds.

The Dolphin Bay Education Centre is complimentary to all guests and visitors to Atlantis. A percentage of the proceeds from dolphin interactions and gift shop purchases benefit the Kerzner Marine Foundation – a private, non-profit foundation that fosters the preservation and enhancement of global marine ecosystems.

For reservations, prices or additional information visit our website or  mobile site.  You can also contact the Dolphin Bay Reservations Team on +971 4 426 1030 or by emailing:

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One Comment to "Introducing The Exciting Atlantis Dolphin Scuba Dive"

  1. Posted by Shabbir
    24/01/2012 at 01:41 pm | Permalink

    An Atlantis Dolphin Encounter (Shallow Water Interaction) at the Dolphin Bay in Dubai, has you wading into waist-high crystal clear waters as you enter the mesmerizing and enjoyable world of dolphins, swimming and showing off their stunts and skills.

    You can even come close, touch, hug, play ball with and kiss this friend of man, the Dolphin.

    The Atlantis Dolphin Bay is truly an amazing experience. But, it’s even moer enjoyable if you are well prepared about what to expect and what to not.

    Shabbir K.

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