Saffron at Atlantis Celebrates Chinese New Year

19 January, 2012 By admin

Atlantis, The Palm is getting in the festive spirit for Chinese New Year! This year is a special New Year as it is the year of the Dragon, the most legendary animal in Chinese culture.

Saffron at Atlantis celebrates Chinese New Year from 22nd to 28th January, offering diners a selection of authentic Chinese signature dishes and entertainment to commemorate the auspicious Year of the Dragon.

In celebration of this occasion, the sumptuous Saffron buffet offers time-honoured dishes including ‘Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup’ which features abalone, scallops, sea cucumber and fish maw in a rich chicken stock.

Other festive dishes include the ‘lucky’ steamed ‘Jiaozi’ dumplings, filled with ground beef and mushrooms dipped with soy-vinegar sauce and braised ‘Hoe See Fatt Choy,’ with dried oysters and scallops, served with abalone, mussels and mushrooms and garnished with black seaweed moss and baby Pak Choy.

The flaming woks of Saffron’s live noodle station will also serve up ‘Sang Mien’ wok-fried longevity meat and vegetable noodles. Diners will also be able to help themselves to a variety of specially marinated meat and seafood with leafy vegetables simmered in the traditional Chinese ‘Huo Guo’ steam boat, and dipping sauce.

Just like the main dishes, Chinese New Year desserts are symbolic, and traditional ones on offer are the soft ‘Niangao’ (known as the New Year cake), which is made of glutinous rice flour and sugar, the colourful ‘Fagao’ prosperity cake that is steamed until it rises and splits open at the top and ‘Fortune Cookies.’

Guests will be entertained by the extraordinary ‘Lion Dance,’ symbolising joy and happiness, weaving its way through the red lanterns, liberating the New Year atmosphere. Performances will take place on 22nd, 23rd and 24th January from 7:30pm until 7:45pm.