Atlantis Wedding Feasts Second to None

27 June, 2012 By admin

Since we opened in 2008, Atlantis has helped create many special memories for our guests, none more so than for brides and grooms that choose to have their special day on the resort. Today, we showcase the culinary creations and exceptional feasts that the Atlantis weddings team can bring to life for those once-in-a-lifetime occasions. .

Cuisine from every continent Atlantis culinary teams are highly skilled, hand chosen by Mark Pattern (Vice President of Culinary) from 40 countries around the world. This means you can expect authentic and exceptional wedding dishes from your native country and others of your choice. From an incredible Indian vegetarian menu, featuring live Pav Bhaji station and various Chaat dishes  to traditional Arabic fare with Falafel Gunkan Nigiri Labneh and Tahini fountains, the team will make dishes to please all your family and friends.

Gourmet spreads, tailored for you Personal service is essential to make your wedding a lasting memory, and that includes attention to detail on the food and beverages of your special day. The culinary team ensure that they understand your style of wedding, and that the menu reflects all your requirements and budget. From buffet spreads, canapés or lavish three course meals for 700 guests, the team will tailor the selection as you require.

Variety for every venue Atlantis offers many different locations for different styles of weddings, and this also means different food options. From a BBQ at Nasimi Beach, to three course fine dining in Asateer, or cocktail style celebrations in Ossiano or at The Lost Chambers Aquarium, the Atlantis culinary team make sure your guests enjoy the right fare for the style of wedding.

The sweet part – Cakes, pastries and more The favourite part for many at a wedding is the delicious cake. Headed by Chef Philippe Agnese, the pastry team at Atlantis is world-renowned for their creative creations, and this includes their wedding cakes. The largest cake made by the team was 400kg, but equally, the team is known for their exquisite level of detail on more delicate pastry fares.

Planning your wedding Planning your wedding or blessing is all part of the magical experience, and with our dedicated wedding planners and expert team, we’ll make sure it’s as easy as it is exciting. We’ll listen, share our ideas and guide you through the essentials and the surprising little touches.