Recent Birth of ‘Small Fry’ Seahorses Safeguard Future for Threatened Species

24 July, 2012 By admin

They are teeny, tiny little horses and they are about the size of a small fingernail. Meet the newest additions to The Lost Chambers Aquarium at Atlantis, The Palm, a herd of over one hundred thorny seahorse (Hippocampus hystrix).

These rare, newborns, known as ‘fry’ will assist in the re-population of this species when they are released into the warm waters of the Arabian Gulf, once mature enough to hunt zooplankton.

Meanwhile, they will join a number of other recent newborns at The Lost Chambers Aquarium including baby rays, jellyfish and clown fish, where guests can enjoy observing them swimming in merry, seahorse fashion.

Steve Kaiser, Vice President of Marine Sciences and Engineering, Atlantis, The Palm said:

“The birth of any threatened species helps us further our goal of educating and enlightening people about marine life and ecosystems. By releasing a number of these new seahorses into the Arabian Gulf, we hope to help bring their numbers back from the brink.”

At The Lost Chambers Aquarium marine animal nursery, (where they are currently being raised) they are fed mysis shrimp, brine shrimp and cyclops. There are two species of seahorses at The Lost Chambers Aquarium, the thorny seahorse (Hippocampus hystrix) and the longsnout seahorse (Hippocampus reidi).

All seahorses are threatened. They are exploited due to medicinal properties and decoration. Guests can do their part to preserve this beautiful species by not purchasing any products made from them such as medicinal or decorative keepsakes.

The baby seahorses will be in a small tank in the Atlantis, The Palm Fish Nursery for the next two months. Guests can view them by participating in a Behind The Scenes Tour which will take them on a guided tour behind the scenes of The Lost Chambers Aquarium. Led by a fully qualified guide guests will experience first-hand just some of the elements involved in caring for the marine life of Atlantis including:

  • Fish feeding
  • Maintaining water quality
  • The Atlantis fish hospital
  • The Atlantis fish nursery

Silver Underwater Explorer Package Silver underwater explorer package allows you admission to the Lost Chambers Aquarium, Ambassador Lagoon and Behind the Scenes Tour UAE residents: AED 125 for Adults and AED 75 for Children (ages 3-11) – proof of ID will be required Day Visitor price: AED 150 for Adults and ARD 100 for Children (ages 3-11)

Behind the Scenes Tour AED 75 for Adults and Children

The Lost Chambers Aquarium UAE residents: AED 75 for Adults and AED 50 for Children (ages 3-11) – proof of ID will be required Day Visitor: AED 100 for Adults and AED 70 for Children (ages 3-11)

*Day Visitors wishing to experience a Behind The Scenes Tour must also purchase an admission ticket into The Lost Chambers Aquarium

Interesting Facts about Seahorses

  • The males carry the young until birth
  •  They are monogamous and stay with their partner throughout their lives
  • They perform a dance before mating
  • Juveniles are exact replicas of the adult at birth and are about 5-6mm in length
  • Seahorses do not have a stomach, so food passes through their bodies very quickly, and they need to eat nearly constantly.
  • The thorny seahorses can change its colour to blend in with its surrounding