Welcome to the World Little Baby Rays!

18 February, 2013 By admin

Bring your family and friends and come visit our newborn baby rays on one of the many daily Behind The Scenes Tours in The Lost Chambers Aquarium.

On 19 January, Atlantis, The Palm welcomed a litter of five Marble Ray pups into the world, also known as Blotched Fan Tail Rays, or by their scientific name Taeniura meyeni – try saying that quickly five times in a row!

Sporting beautiful black mottle patterns on their backs, right now these little ones measure just 25 centimetres in disc width, although you can bet it won’t be long before they’ve grown to their full size of an impressive 2 metres in diameter.

Tending to their every need is the Behind The Scenes team from The Lost Chambers Aquarium, who are marine specialists in the Aquatic-nursery. Like their parents in the Ambassador Lagoon, these five ray pups are being fed on a diet of restaurant quality shrimp and squid, which might help to explain their impressive growth, and combined with good care, they’ll be ready to join the other 65,000 marine animals that call The Ambassador Lagoon at Atlantis home in no time at all.

Did you know?

  • The Ambassador Lagoon contains species indigenous to the waters of The Middle East.
  • The Ambassador Lagoon holds over 11 million litres of natural sea water.
  • The Ray blows water out of its mouth to disturb bottom sediment and find its prey.
  • The gestation period of the Marble Ray is 9 months.

If you want to meet our five newborns make sure you book a Behind the Scenes Tour before they outgrow the nursery and join their fellow rays in the larger exhibits of The Lost Chambers Aquarium.

For more information and bookings please call +971 4 426 0000 or visit our website.