A Tricky Riddle From The Lost Chambers Aquarium

1 April, 2013 By admin

A Tricky Riddle From The Lost Chambers Aquarium What has 2 stomachs, 5 arms, 100 feet and looks like a cookie?

Stumped? Well you meet this curious creature at The Lost Chambers Aquarium.

We have just welcomed 15 Chocolate Chip starfish, Protoreaster nodosus to the aquarium. Commonly found in the shallow waters of the Indo-Pacific Ocean, these cookie coloured starfish have small black horns that look like chocolate chips.

Unlike other animals, these marine creatures don’t have a brain or eyes, but they do have two stomachs, five arms and hundreds of tiny, purple, tube feet.

Although they move very slowly, they are voracious scavengers and will wrap themselves around a clam or mussel and pull the animal apart using alternating and consistent pressure. They then extend their stomach to digest the animal and absorb it into the centre of the body.

Come and visit our Chocolate Chip starfish at The Lost Chambers Aquarium. Our Marine Educators can answer all your questions and you can get up-close with these amazing starfish, just don’t confuse them for a cookie! Admission is AED 100 for adults and AED 70 for children or AED 75 for UAE resident adults and AED 50 for UAE resident children.

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