Ossiano’s Seasonal Seafood

13 May, 2013 By admin

For Luke Wonnacott, Chef de Cuisine at Ossiano, being in harmony with the seasons is the hallmark of any good restaurant.

“In Ossiano our entire menu is based on seasons, adapting continuously to ensure we always use the freshest produce. If something is out of season there is a good reason – either it’s not available or simply doesn’t taste as good as it should.

Wild fish is always better than farmed because of its superior taste and texture, but can be hard to keep on a menu at times either due to demand or seasonality. For example, the quality of Monkfish is consistent throughout the year; but it is difficult to get over the Festive season due to high demand. Wild Sea Bass is available all year round but the quality is better from April to February hence why Wild Sea Bass is currently a signature dish on our menu at the moment. So seasonality does play a big part in what quality fish restaurants put on their menu. There is good local fish here in the UAE, but we have to be mindful of the high water temperatures which may affect quality.

Luke’s Top Tip

When cooking fresh fish, keep things simple and light, don’t overcomplicate. Keep seasoning to a minimum: fish is delicate and when it’s fresh you want to taste it. In Ossiano we only ever season our fish with a little salt and lemon juice, never killing the subtle flavours.”

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