Introducing Atlantis Foodie

23 June, 2013 By admin

Introducing the Atlantis Foodie Facebook page

Calling all Epicureans, Bon vivants and foodies! We are pleased to introduce to you Atlantis Foodie, a Facebook page dedicated to the Atlantis, The Palm’s culinary delights!

Atlantis - introducing Atlantis Foodie Facebook page

For the latest news from our celebrity chef outposts including Nobu, Ronda Locatelli and Rostang, to recipes from the masters at Levantine, Seafire and more, Atlantis Foodie will indulge both the inner gourmet and the professional “reservation maker.”

Atlantis - introducing Atlantis Foodie Facebook page

Atlantis Foodie will also offer exclusive offers and competitions from restaurants at Atlantis, The Palm.

Atlantis - introducing Atlantis Foodie Facebook page

With 22 restaurants, bars and lounges brought to you by world renowned chefs, Atlantis, The Palm is truly a culinary destination from family friendly to fine dining. Although each restaurant is unique in menu and setting, all are founded on the commitment to provide the very best dining experience.

So whatever your taste or style, Atlantis Foodie is here to take you through our restaurant options which suit any occasion and palate, creating memories to last a lifetime.

Join us in raising a glass to Atlantis Foodie!