Life inside Atlantis, The Palm’s Lost Chambers Aquarium

14 July, 2013 By admin

Did you know Jellyfish have no brain, heart or bones?

Or that coral reefs are home to 25% of all fish?

You can find fun, aquatic facts like this and more on our new “Life In Lost Chambers Aquarium” infographic.

Lost Chambers Aquarium Infographic

The Lost Chambers Aquarium is home to over 500 species of marine life, including sharks, arapaimas, sting rays, piranhas, sea horses and jelly fish.

One of Dubai’s leading aquatic attractions, our guests can discover the mazes of underground tunnels and passageways of The Lost Chambers, bringing them into close contact with the myth and the advanced inventions of the ancient city of Atlantis.

Along the way, guests can touch tanks filled with starfish and pencil urchins, both found in local Arabian waters, and horse shoe crabs, the spiders of the sea, allow them to touch, feel and interact with sea life.  Special exhibits are dedicated to different sea creatures, such as the delicate Moon Jellyfish, busy lobster and glittery anchovies – each fascinating to watch and with a story to tell.

Guests at Atlantis, The Palm can explore The Lost Chambers on their own or choose to interact with a ‘Marine Educator’ who shares enlightening facts and details on the mythical elements of Atlantis (how man and marine life first connected) and the Atlantis family of marine inhabitants.

For more details on how to visit the Lost Chambers Aquarium, visit us online here.

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