Atlantis New Years Eve Celebrations Light up the Night

Atlantis New Years Eve Celebrations Light up the Night

1 January, 2014 By admin

Atlantis New Years Eve celebrationsAtlantis The Palm was a front-row seat to history last night, as we said goodbye to 2013 and welcomed in the New Year with a once in a lifetime spectacular.

The skies above Atlantis ignited in a symphony of light the likes of which the world has never seen before, as Dubai broke the world record for the biggest fireworks display in history.

Eyes all around the world were watching Dubai, with international media outlets and renowned bloggers converging on Atlantis the cover the historic event.

Guinness World Record officials were on hand to confirm the record had been broken, and present gathered officials and representatives with a certificate in recognition of the momentous achievement.

Guests at our opulent Gala Dinner had the best view of the spectacle, as the fireworks lit up the Royal Beach shoreline. Not to be outdone though, revelers at Sandance complimented the awe-inspiring sight with a live soundtrack provided by some of the world’s hottest acts.

History was made last night, and no matter where they were in Atlantis, all of our guests were a part of it.

Check out some of the amazing highlights the night held below: