Dolphin Eduventure Makes Learning Fun!

Our Dolphin Bay Eduventures are proving very popular with school groups this year, with 908 kids from 20 schools participating so far.

Eduventure is a brilliant way for children to interact with dolphins while educating them on the importance of marine life and its conservation.

The fun programme lasts for 2 hours including training tips, conservation tips, information on other species and a fifteen minute shallow water interaction focused on the anatomical and physiological adaptations of dolphins.  Afterward, each participant gets a certificate of completion.

Eduventure Itinerary:

  1. Meet our Marine Mammal Specialists.
  2. Orientation talk including dolphin training lessons
  3. 15 minute educational interactive dolphin experience in the water
  4. Visit to the Education Centre to learn about:
    • Fish vs. Mammals.
    • Marine Mammal Biodiversity.
    • Adaptations to the Aquatic environment.
    • Baleen whales vs. Toothed whales
    • Marine Mammals of the region.
    • Conservation and actions for a better environment.
  5. Receive an Eduventure programme certificate of completion

The package includes:

  • Towels
  • Bottled Water

To book your experience, please call +971 4 426 1030 or email | Reservations must be done two weeks in advance.

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