Capture your Ramadan Memories at Asateer

Capture your Ramadan Memories at Asateer

15 July, 2014 By Atlantis Blog

Asateer souvenir photoRamadan is a time for reflection and celebration, and Asateer is the best venue in Dubai for both.

Each year during this very special time, friends and family from across the UAE gather at Asateer, to show thanks for being in each other’s lives. And now you can take home a personalised memento of your night at Asateer, with a special photo print taken straight from your Instagram account.

All you have to do is add your Suhoor photo to Instagram with the hashtag #Asateer, and then you can take have a very special souvenir to remember the evening by.

It could be a photo of you with your loved ones, or it could be a photo of one of the delicious meals prepared by Asateer’s incredible chefs.

Whatever memory you choose to capture, Asateer will immortalise it for you – absolutely free.

Visit Asateer, and experience the true spirit of Ramadan.