Green Students Take Over The Lost Chambers Aquarium

2 April, 2015 By Atlantis Blog

On 25th March, the management of the Lost Chambers Aquarium was handed over to a bright group of green minded Jumeirah College students for the day.  These enthusiastic students ran their own educational Family Fun Day for guests to the aquarium in the name of marine conservation.

48 Year 9 students,  6 Year 12 Green Team representatives and 3 educationalists coordinated a number of activities aimed at educating and entertaining the visitors in a fun and engaging manner. They spent three days preparing educational stalls under the theme of ‘Celebrating the Oceans.’

The students designed a number of interactive activities including a treasure hunt, fish watching booklet,  information on the dangers of the deep and an information board and video presentation outlining dangerous marine species and with a quiz at the end.  There was a lot of activities designed for smaller children including endangered species face painting, an Ocean life mural and fun Discovering the Oceans activities allowing guests to interact with animals in  the touching pools.

They also highlighted the risks to the oceans and  provided detailed information on the oceans most at risk.

Other fun activities included:

• Detailed presentation and video on life on the reef where students displayed coral exhibits and described the reef they designed .

• Living Jelly presentation (the life cycle of the Jelly fish)

• Ocean chemistry, where their chemistry expert delivered marine themed chemistry experiments.

We look forward to conducting more of these fun and educational events in the future!