Albino Alligators surface at The Lost Chambers Aquarium!

Albino Alligators surface at The Lost Chambers Aquarium!

18 July, 2015 By Atlantis Blog

This week we have added fascinating new members to our family of 65,000 marine animals at our Lost Chambers Aquarium – Two baby Albino Alligator brothers!

Albino alligators are the rarest amongst their cold-blooded relatives and are found in USA and China. The American alligator is native to Southern regions of United States. Their genetic white skin color gives them a truly intriguing appearance.

This lack of pigmentation is referred to as Albinism. It is a rare genetic condition that is expressed in other animal species as well, including us humans. The pigment melanin which gives color to the skin, hair and eyes gives the appearance of white skin and pink eyes.

Normal pigmentation allows for perfect camouflage in its natural habitat making it one of the most successful top predators. However, albino alligators stand out and makes them easy prey, leading to their low numbers. Their skin is also extremely sensitive of UV rays of the sun and can lead to skin damage.

Our baby brother duo are consequently being housed in a habitat with special light and heating to protect them from harmful UV rays. While they currently barely exceed 70 cm in length, they can attain a remarkable length of up to 4 meters. By this time, they will be able to travel up to speeds of 50 kilometers per hour.

They are optimistic feeders, and naturally prey on insects, fish, turtles, rodents, birds and even other reptiles. Alligators have a powerful bite but the muscles that open the jaw are relatively weak. An adult human could hold the jaws of an alligator shut with their bare hands.

The Albino alligators have been exploited for their valued skin. This rare type of Alligator is a critically endangered species. It is our aim that by learning more about these fascinating reptiles, you do your part to conserve this species.

Come and visit this truly unique addition to the Atlantis family. Grab your family and friends and come visit The Lost Chambers Aquarium at Atlantis, The Palm to say hello and explore the mythical ruins of the lost city of Atlantis!

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