“We’ll have the Beef Wellington with a side of Gordon Ramsay”

“We’ll have the Beef Wellington with a side of Gordon Ramsay”

17 February, 2016 By Atlantis Blog

Beef Wellington

Bread Street Kitchen & Bar – Gordon Ramsay – Wellington Wednesday

The buzz of excitement gets louder as we make our way through the hallways of Atlantis towards Bread Street Kitchen & Bar, as tonight is the night we dine with the world famous Gordon Ramsay…

As we approach, we are greeted by the hostess who takes us to our seats. We pass the ice cream bar filled with an array of interesting toppings making sure we save space for dessert; we spot Dubai’s best dressed socialites huddled at the bar enjoying pre-dinner cocktails. I now wonder where our table is because this Dubai Gastropub is full. We walk towards the terrace and take our seats, and are handed the night’s menu.

Bread Street Kitchen & Bar, Dubai, has a ‘warehouse like’ décor with wooden finishing, you have the option to sit at a social high marble topped table on metallic legged stools or at your own regular table with bench seating – a lively outdoor courtyard is the perfect option in the cooler months. The wait staff glide over customary black and white tile work, the mood is set by low hanging light bulbs with over exposed filament. Live music is being played by a solo guitarist who is set up by the open live kitchen in the back – that is where we steal our first glance of Gordon Ramsay inspecting the chefs at work.

Gordon Ramsay in Dubai

The sommelier comes over to pour our wine; we order the red, which is a French blend from Cotes du Roussillon, its pleasantly fruity with smoked earth aromas – the perfect Beef Wellington complement. After a short while we are enjoying the wine with the selection of starters, which are delicious and promptly cleared. Gordon is making his way around the room, saying hello to guests and posing for a number of selfies. The restaurant is getting louder, anticipation and excitement is building as he is almost at our table, I can’t wait until it’s my turn to introduce myself to the celebrity chef.

The moment is brief, but it is engrained vividly in my memory. Gordon Ramsay is exactly how you’d imagine him to be; he is intense and direct. He is tall; his blonde hair is kept in a precise mess and those crystalline blue eyes stay directed right at you. His mouth moves quickly though we can easily comprehend him. Our answers to his questions are totally truthful, he can read you expertly, you would not dare telling him a lie. He smiled, was polite and friendly to us – though we do not work in his kitchen. Before we knew it, he had said goodbye and moved onto the next table. We sat in momentary silence, numb with the thrill of meeting the superstar.

The Best Beef Wellington in Dubai

A short while later, the world renowned Beef Wellington arrives at our table. It’s served on an oversized wooden chopping board; accompanied by vine-ripened cherry tomatoes, roast onion and bone marrow. The mouthwatering masterpiece is cut into four equal portions; your eye is immediately drawn to the plump pinkness of the meat then, onto the duxelle stuffing that is coated with a crispy pastry.

Noticing the warmth emanating from the centre of the table we dive right in dividing the prize between us. The foretaste of the pastry covered beef has already reached my tongue, my teeth slice sharply through the meat and I recognise the tenderness of the fillet, with every chomp and chew new flavours erupt in my mouth – I’m eating this too quickly, I want to savour every bite. At that point I heed the other sides; I sample the perfectly roasted caramelised carrots and the most moreish truffle mash, which almost outperforms the wellington. Pausing for a moment to meditate on the conglomeration of flavour I take another sip of my wine and go back for more. Sheer yummmmmm is the best way to describe it, absolutely delightful and by far the best Beef Wellington I have ever had. Feeling content we pass on dessert and finish our wine.

All in all, the Wellington Wednesday at Bread Street Kitchen & Bar in Atlantis Dubai is a great night out and for only AED 300 per person including a carafe of wine for two, is a Dubai restaurant experience that should not be missed.

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