Ramadan In Dubai


In Dubai, during the month of Ramadan, the city slows down a little from its usual frenetic pace. It is a fascinating time to visit. By learning a little about the occasion and respecting its customs, you can enjoy rich encounters and a truly uplifting cultural experience.

Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic Calendar and it is a Holy month. The purpose of Ramadan is to rid oneself of bad habits accumulated during the year, and to draw closer to your creator. It is characterised by fasting and prayers. This year, it takes place from 27 May until 25 June.

During Ramadan, observers fast from sunrise to sunset. Most restaurants are still open during this time, behind screens. However, as a sign of respect one should refrain from smoking, eating or drinking in public. As a visitor, you should also be aware that many businesses might be closed for longer hours due to prayers and family time.


The typical day during Ramadan begins before dawn with an early meal called Suhoor. During the week many observers eat this meal at home, but on the weekends people gather together. As a visitor, you can enjoy Suhoor in many restaurants in the city. We invite you to experience Suhoor at the Asateer Tent from 9:45pm to 2:30am. Asateer Suhoor Special Offer is valid for AED 160 per person minimum spend (excluding shisha).

This is followed by the Call to Prayer and the day of fasting begins. In the evening when the sun sets the fast is broken traditionally with a sip of water and dates.


Many hotels and restaurants put on elaborate feasts for the evening meal, named Iftar. Traditional delicacies are served and you can expect a sumptuous feast. Typical dishes include lentil soup, hot and cold mezze, lamb ouzi and chicken shawarma. Glittering lights, oriental entertainment and a wide array of buffet dishes and traditional delicacies awaits you at our iconic Asateer Tent. Iftar Buffet at Asateer is available at AED 210 per person including water and Ramadan juices.

There are many festivities going on late into the night. The malls are open, the parks have extended hours, and there are many markets to visit. Dubai has something to offer every visitor. Visiting during Ramadan brings a rich cultural aspect to your stay.

For booking please call +971 4 426 0800 or email: Ramadan.Inquiries@atlantisthepalm.com

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2 Comments to "Ramadan In Dubai"

  1. Posted by paul getty
    23/05/2017 at 02:43 pm | Permalink

    ive been informed that the alcohol stricktion has been removed in hotels for Ramadan, is this correct ?

    can you advise what the plans are for Atlantis in 2017.

    • Posted by Atlantis Blog
      28/05/2017 at 04:18 pm | Permalink

      Dear Paul,

      Greetings from Atlantis, The Palm! There are a few modifications to the normal hotel operations during the month of Ramadan:

      • Most businesses and government offices will close for the day between approximately 2:00pm and 4:00pm
      • Almost all restaurants and cafes outside hotels will be closed during the day but many will extend their opening hours at night
      • Shopping centres and malls are open during the day and an extra hour or two at night
      • Local law prohibits the service of alcohol in public places until 8:00pm,
      • Iftar is the evening meal when Muslims break their fast at the time of sunset, right at the time of Magrib Adham

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