Best Iftar in Dubai

Best Iftar in Dubai

27 May, 2017 By Atlantis Blog

During the month of Ramadan, once the sun has set, the daily fast is ended with a delicious meal. This meal is known as Iftar and it literally means “break fast”. It is a community event, where friends and family gather to share a meal. Being in Dubai during this Holy Month gives the visitor a rich experience of the local culture and traditions. It is an opportunity to feast on local delicacies and treats, and Iftar is a sumptuous occasion.

What to start with

The Ramadan fast ends with a little water and dates, and is followed by calorie rich and delicious foods. These include baklava made with filo pastry, nuts and honey; Harees, a slow-cooked ground wheat porridge cooked with lamb or chicken; malfouf, a stuffed cabbage roll; lamb ouzi, spiced lamb stuffed with rice and nuts; and kunafeh, a sweet pastry made with nabulsi cheese.

Where to enjoy the best Iftar in Dubai

There are many places to enjoy Iftar in Dubai. Restaurants, hotels and Ramadan tents pull out all the stops and provide a feast of buffets and wonderful dishes. Look out for authentic Arabic delicacies that will delight your senses. Atlantis, The Palm has a number of restaurants that are firm favourites for Iftar.

A recent addition to the resort is Ayamna. This restaurant is in the Lebanese tradition and serves treats such a spicy Lebanese sausage called lamb makanek and shish taouk.

Another option is Nobu, a Japanese style fusion restaurant. Dishes to be seen on the Iftar menu include Beef or Chicken Teriyaki with Brown Rice Risotto, popular favourite Black Cod Miso or Rock Shrimp Creamy and Mochi Ice cream.

Buffet fans will be amazed by a truly unforgettable Iftar experience at Kaleidoscope with an extravagant buffet, interactive cooking station and open kitchen.

At the Accents Inter-Continental in Dubai Marina, for every two Iftars served, this restaurant will provide a meal to a person in need. This is very much in the spirit of Ramadan.

The city has so much to offer at this time and, should you be lucky enough to visit for so long, you could celebrate Iftar at a new venue every night of Ramadan. Come to Dubai and choose your favourite!