Keep Up Your Fitness Resolutions At Atlantis

Keep Up Your Fitness Resolutions At Atlantis

8 June, 2017 By Atlantis Blog

ShuiQi Fitness Yoga

Every year we vow to ourselves to get fitter and healthier, but as work and life kicks into gear, it can be hard to keep up. Are you sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions? It gets even more difficult when we are busy with travelling. When you are traveling in Dubai, whether it is for work, a quick getaway or a special occasion, you can now keep to your fitness resolutions in style. At Atlantis, The Palm, there is a dedicated spa and fitness centre that offers all you could need and want in health and beauty.

Whether your resolution is to grow stronger and fitter or just to take better care of your physical self, ShuiQi Spa and Fitness Centre at Atlantis will inspire you to stick to your resolutions.

Fitness and exercise

At ShuiQi Fitness Centre we offer a number of personal, one-on-one training sessions as well as group or public sessions. An experienced personal trainer is on hand to tailor a workout designed specifically to your unique needs. Get the best guidance, training, motivation and feedback with an individualised training session with one of our experts.

The science of fitness

Are you tired of outdated fitness ratings using your BMI or other questionable data? The InBody Composition Analyser provides an accurate and reliable quantitative analysis of your body composition and the balance between your body fat and muscle level. A comprehensive result sheet is provided and a personal trainer can offer advice and recommendations according to the results. Ensure you know what your body is capable of achieving with this innovative technique.

What kind of exercise or physical training are you looking for? Strengthen your abdominals, trunk and pelvis with ShuiQi’s excellent core training sessions. These feature a range of simple and traditional movement exercises as well as more complex movement patterns using Swiss balls, BOSU®, foam pads, foam rollers and medicine balls. If muscle building is not your thing, assisted stretching is the class for you. Improve your flexibility, eliminate tightness and relieve stress with a personal stretching session.

Specialised training regimes

ShuiQi offers leading and innovative specialised training regimes and equipment. Rediscover the beauty and fluidity of movement with Kinesis. The session activates complete muscle chains instead of individual muscles, creating a more dynamic and fluid circuit workout.

Whatever your fitness or training goals, make use of the Power Plate vibration technique to help stimulate your body’s natural processes and assist in muscle development and weight loss. If you prefer low impact exercise, Aqua Training is ideal for all ages and fitness levels. The low impact training also makes it perfect for injury recovery, arthritis and sensitive joints. A personal Aqua Training session can be enjoyed in the luxurious resort pool.

Build your functional fitness, cardio, strength, endurance or flexibility with the ARTIS range of fitness equipment.  The ARTIS range is exclusive to Atlantis and features contemporary design, biomechanical engineering and interactive sports technology that far surpasses its competition. For the ultimate workout, ARTIS equipment is the recommended choice.

Body and Mind

At ShuiQi, we also offer yoga and Pilates classes. Experience a rejuvenating Hatha Yoga class in The Lost Chambers Aquarium. Nothing is more tranquil than doing yoga surrounded by peaceful aquatic scenery. Alternatively, if you are full of energy, enjoy an invigorating active yoga session on the outdoor lawns.

Revitalising and energising, Pilates is the perfect blend of physical, mental and spiritual training if you want to build your core while developing your balance, fluidity, concentration, breathing and physical control.

Health and Beauty Spa

Feel and look radiant and gorgeous with the extensive selection of spa and beauty treatments we offer at ShuiQi Spa and Fitness. Enjoy a day at the spa and feel on top of the world with leading treatments and beauty products.

Glow with healthy radiance with Dr Burgener’s exclusive skincare programme, indulge in a Shiseido facial or body treatment, or feel calm and refreshed with an ESPA skincare and spa treatment. Have the ultimate foot, nails and hands treatment from Bastien Gonzalez and include a hair styling and treatment done by professionals with a flair for style at the ShuiQi hair salon to complete the sensational package.

As the first Dubai spa to offer medical treatments in a luxury resort environment, ShuiQi is the gift that keeps on giving. Look and feel younger and healthier with Botox therapy, natural hyaluronic acid fillers or mesotherapy applied by expert professionals.

Packages and membership

During your stay at Atlantis, The Palm treat yourself to unlimited use of ShuiQi’s spa and fitness facilities. Enjoy the ShuiQi Spa Luxury Escape room package, with an hour-long full body massage for two adults, access to the Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room, and a 20% discount on additional spa treatments.

Sign-up for a ShuiQi membership to receive unbelievable exclusive benefits. Choose from a Spa Membership or Fitness Annual Membership, or sign-up for a private Life&Style membership that brings you the ultimate resort living experience at Atlantis, The Palm.