Diwali Celebrations in Dubai at Atlantis, The Palm

Diwali Celebrations in Dubai at Atlantis, The Palm

8 October, 2017 By Atlantis Blog

Diwali (Deepavali), also known as the Indian Festival of Lights, is a Hindu festival celebrated by Indians all across the world. As a universally celebrated holiday, Diwali gets a good amount of attention during this time of the year. Although Indian communities exist in countries all over the world, some places have larger and more festive celebrations for the public to join in than others. Dubai, being a kaleidoscope of cultures, religions and traditions, is one of the best places to celebrate Diwali. This year, Diwali will be celebrated from 19th October and will last throughout the weekend, bringing three days of fun, folk activities and festivities to Dubai.Diwali

Stay at Atlantis to Enjoy Dubai’s Diwali Festivities

If you are vacationing in Dubai during Diwali, you are in the right place to witness the festivities, as Diwali is one of the most anticipated annual cultural events in Dubai. The city throws the best celebrations outside of India with truly spectacular fireworks displays at nightfall, Indian households in festive mood and houses lit up with colourful earthen lamps or ‘diyas’, and friends & families sharing sweets and gifts – all of which is punctuated with the arrival of a brand new year and the triumph of good over evil in the world.

Of note are the Diwali celebrations in Atlantis, The Palm that takes place with much pizazz and magnificence every single year. The three-day celebration is a joyous gathering of gleeful people, mouth-watering Indian fare, lively music and dance, extravagant entertainment with fascinating displays of the best of colourful fireworks lighting up the sky.

Savour the Essence of Diwali at Kaleidoscope Buffet Restaurant in Atlantis

Adding a sensational nod to the cultural celebrations is Kaleidoscope Diwali Festival at Kaleidoscope Buffet Restaurant in Atlantis, The Palm. Showcasing a whole host of fun family activities and kid’s entertainment; a Henna Art Booth, where you can get a tattoo from professional henna artists; a wide variety of live counters serving up the best of street food dishes including, a special Gola Station to satisfy your sweet tooth, and a Chai Station for those who take their tea very seriously; a moreish Buffet station that offers the very best the Land of Festivals has to offer, Kaleidoscope Diwali Festival lasts from Thursday, the 19th to Saturday, the 21st October, for only AED 225 per person inclusive of unlimited soft drink.

Come and enjoy all that all that Diwali 2017 at Atlantis has to offer for Diwali 2017. You would be rewarded with vibrant and festive sights and sounds that you would not find anywhere else during an ordinary day in Dubai. There is always something to keep you intrigued, you can only find out after visiting Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai.