Behind The Scenes : Dolphin is a Man’s Best Friend

Behind The Scenes : Dolphin is a Man’s Best Friend

7 April, 2018 By Atlantis Blog

Say hello to Pefale the dolphin and Abel from Dolphin Bay

Have you ever met a dolphin? Well, now you can at Dolphin Bay, just when you thought your ‘amazing’ vacation is complete enjoying the sunny beach at Aquaventure, sipping refreshing drinks by the poolside at The Edge or The Shore or indulging in a relaxing ShuiQi spa treatment.

 Our Dolphin Bay in Atlantis is one of the most sophisticated dolphin habitats in the world and we couldn’t resist the opportunity to meet, one of the marine mammals expects who takes care of our beautiful dolphins and to interact with Pefale the dolphin.

 dolphins man best friend

Q: Tell the readers in summary why you got involved in marine mammal care? A:  Well to make it short, my uncle used to take me on fishing trips with my older brother. He also took me surfing at a local beach and I had the opportunity to see dolphins from a very young age. The sea has always been a part of my life and I pursued the opportunity to work by a nearby dolphin facility to look after these majestic animals and my journey began.

Q: What has been the best moment you have experienced at Atlantis as a marine mammal specialist? A: To be honest, it’s very hard to single out one moment because I work with dolphins every day! However, I will share one precious moment when I first started my career at Dolphin bay and experienced my first dolphin birth. Aladdin is his name and has become one of my best friends, he is by far one of the brightest dolphins I’ve ever worked with and to date, it’s my best moment yet.

Q: Working with dolphins must be fun, can you share with readers what they can expect when they interact with dolphins for the first time? A: Well before the fun starts, we take pride in sharing our passion and knowledge about these animals with our guests so they need to be ready to receive a lot of information about them!  Of course, there is the fun part, which is the encounter for the first time and no matter how old you are this magical experience will melt your heart.

Q: Can you share with the readers what makes Pefale different from the other dolphins? A: My team and I love Pefale, she has amazing interactive skills but most of all her eyes! They are so big and expressive you could easily get lost in them. Everyone loves Pefale and when you visit Dolphin Bay you will understand why.

 Create an everlasting memory with Pefale by Booking your Dolphin Experience at Atlantis, The Palm.