Top 10 Fun Facts About Atlantis Marine and Waterpark

Top 10 Fun Facts About Atlantis Marine and Waterpark

18 April, 2018 By Atlantis Blog

Atlantis, The Palm is a fascinating place packed with a multitude of interesting things to do in Dubai that take its guests by surprise. Discover a collection of 10 bite-sized intriguing facts and figures behind the largest marine habitat and waterpark facility in the Middle East to warm you up before your next trip to Atlantis Dubai.


Take a look at the top 10 facts about Atlantis Marine and Waterpark attractions that you never knew about:


1. 1.5 million guests experience a Marine and Waterpark activity every year at Atlantis, The Palm

The Atlantis Marine and Waterpark is one gigantic adventure playground, with everything from non-stop marine adventures to record-shattering water slides of Dubai’s best water park Aquaventure. Millions of guests, especially families with kids, find endless options for fun and a flood of unique experiences that draws them to Atlantis’ marine world.

2. Aquaventure and Dolphin Bay both feature in the top 10 things to do in Dubai on Trip Advisor

While the marine attractions are iconic options that your kids will love – what if we told you the Dolphin Bay and Aquaventure Waterpark beat out thousands of other attractions in Dubai to earn the top ranking on the popular review site TripAdvisor for the top 10 things to do in Dubai.

3. More than 100 team members care for the marine animals at Atlantis. Their jobs include aquarists, water quality technicians, veterinarians and even chefs

Providing best possible individualized care to the marine animals in the sizeable dwellings of the resort all year-round through their expertise and dedication is a network of professional and courteous staff that form the cornerstone of the Marine and Waterpark facility at Atlantis.


4. The fishes that call Atlantis, The Palm home are fed 472 kilos of restaurant quality seafood daily

How much do the fishes at Atlantis’ marine world eat in a day? A team of marine animal specialists, nutritionists and keepers work closely to take care of the dietary requirements of Atlantis’ fishes and feed them hundreds of kilos of the fresh, restaurant quality seafood every day.

5. To keep the lagoon clean, the amount of sand filtered in The Ambassador Lagoon is equivalent to the weight of 580 camels

A series of high-performance sand filtration units are installed in the Ambassador Lagoon to sieve off an enormous amount of sand that is equivalent to the weight of 580 camels! How cool is that!

6. Dolphin Bay is 4.5 hectares and is home to Indo-Pacific Bottlenose dolphins that eat between 5-7 kg of fish per day

What kid doesn’t love dolphins, one of the most intelligent and friendly mammals on earth. At Dolphin Bay, your kids get an exclusive 30-minute interactive opportunity to bond with the playful marine animals, including swimming with dolphins, taking some prize-worthy pictures with them and also learning about their feeding habits.

7. 600k guests take on The Leap of Faith every year

Something that only one of the scariest water slides in the world and record-breaking screamers in the Middle East can achieve. The Leap of Faith in The Tower of Neptune certainly tops the list of Aquaventure Waterpark attractions, drawing hundreds of thousands of guests every single year. It will very likely have your heart jumping right out of your chest in the most awesome way (cue: the mega release of adrenaline!).



8. There are 21 exhibits in The Lost Chambers Aquarium which are seen by approximately 3,000 guests every week

The Lost Chambers Aquarium celebrates the diverse and magical world of marine life through 21 one-of-a-kind exhibits that attract nearly 3,000 guests every week and the edutaining Fish Tales Tour, where guests are given a private guided tour of the Ambassador Lagoon by Atlantis’ Marine Educators. You will get lost in your very own slice of an underwater world in this fascinating aquarium while learning about the myth and marine life of the ancient lost city of Atlantis.

9. Sea Lion Point at Atlantis is the only Sea Lion habitat in the region. Its residents are South African Fur Seals and are cared for by a total of 45 experienced Marine Mammal Specialists

Sea Lions are no strangers to Atlantis’ inimitable care facilities, with the resort being home to the only Sea Lion habitat in the Middle East. A close interaction with these cute and cuddly creatures on land with a behind-the-scenes tour of the enclosure with their Marine Mammal Specialists will definitely be an eye-widening experience for anyone visiting the Sea Lion Point.

10. AWARD WINS IN 2017

-Virgin Holidays Annual Partner Awards 2017, Best Attraction Bronze Award (Aquaventure), World Travel Awards 2017-Leading Waterpark in the Middle East, 2017 Experts’ Choice Awards- The Best of Dubai – The Lost Chambers Aquarium, Trip Advisor Travellers’ Choice Award 2017- Best Waterpark in Dubai and The Middle East and Fourth Best in the World.

Since its opening back in 2008, Atlantis The Palm has been bagging several awards for its unparalleled hospitality services, unique fine-dining venues, exciting marine and waterpark attractions and its endless family leisure and entertainment offerings in Dubai. Most notable award wins of 2017 include, Leading Waterpark in the Middle East in the World Travel Awards 2017 and The Lost Chambers Aquarium in the 2017 Experts’ Choice Awards.

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