Discover why You are Different in Water at Atlantis, The Palm

Discover why You are Different in Water at Atlantis, The Palm

23 April, 2018 By Atlantis Blog

Holidaymakers love Dubai for its long stretches of sandy beaches, endless golden sunshine, luxury shopping avenues, world cuisines and culinary culture, and of course, Atlantis, The Palm – the iconic 5 star hotels and all-inclusive, oceanfront luxury resort in Dubai.



For the uninitiated, Atlantis is the perfect base for holidaymakers looking to enjoy their time while in Dubai. Whether it’s a luxury getaway you’re after, a summer sojourn with ample opportunities to explore new places and cherish memories with friends, a fantastic place to celebrate an occasion with your loved ones, or an all-inclusive family leisure and entertainment venue you are seeking, one thing is for sure, at Atlantis you are bound to have a wonderful time!


Make it a point try any of our top bucket list activities to make your time at Atlantis a memorable one!

One of the most frequented and popular venue of any visit to Atlantis is its Marine and Waterpark attractions. Offering plenty of options to truly unplug from the daily routine and enter into a world away from your every day, Atlantis is a portal to a myriad of unique water-based experiences and adventures, you cannot say no to!

As a different kind of power that has the ability to bring out the many different facets of your personality and perspectives to various kinds of emotions you never knew you had, water is the key theme to an unforgettable summertime in Atlantis, The Palm, and we are pulling out all stops to help you reconnect with yourself in its wonderful marine environs this summer.

At Atlantis, we believe that you are Different in Water: while you are exploring the exciting marine adventures; when you are on our exciting rides and world-record shattering waterslides at Aquaventure Waterpark; while you are one with the peace and quiet of our Aquaventure beach; when you are playing with marine mammals at Dolphin Bay and Sea Lion Point; or when you are fearlessly diving with sharks in the Ambassador Lagoon of The Lost Chambers Aquarium, the experience gained from these unique attractions will stay with you for the rest of your life and the emotions they evoke, seared in your memory!

There is an abundance of choices you can indulge in at the Marine and Waterpark attractions of Atlantis:

You are One in Water at Dolphin Bay

When it comes to having fun with family, Atlantis, The Palm has so many exciting nautical activities and one-of-a-kind marine animal experiences to help you discover incredibly awesome ways to have a marvellous time! Go swimming with dolphins and be one with our playful mammals at Dolphin Bay – one of the most sophisticated dolphin habitats in the world.

Craft unforgettable memories while you hang out with our marine animal trainers to understand their habitat and get hands-on during an up-close and personal interaction with the friendliest residents of Atlantis, The Palm. You can choose from a host of dolphin experiences, from rubbing and feeding to swimming and scuba diving in their incredible habitat; each experience offers more than a chance to bond with the most intelligent mammals on the planet.

Kiss, rub, dance and play with the dolphins in the shallow water Dolphin Encounter; Go deeper in the crystal-clear waters of Dolphin bay to enjoy the thrill of getting the signature belly-ride with one of our dolphins in the Dolphin Adventure, or a double-dorsal tow and a foot push experience with two dolphins in the Royal Swim; If you are a certified scuba diver, you can scuba dive with our dolphins in the most epic and beautiful below-the-water dolphin experiences at Dolphin Bay. There is also the opportunity to meet our delightful sea lions at Sea Lion Point who are playful and social, and love having visitors!

You are Younger in Water at Aquaventure Waterpark

Whether you are 7 or 70 years old, you are braver at the best water park in Dubai. A water playground where both young and old visitors can step beyond their fears while trying any of our world-record breaking waterslides and be at the centre of all the action.

Aquaventure has something to offer for everyone. From enjoying loads of adrenaline-fuelled grown-up fun on more than a dozen of our rides, including a glide down Zoomerango – the world’s largest circumference waterslide and a plummet down a 9-storey, near vertical water slide into shark-infested waters in The Leap of Faith – Aquaventure’s scariest and biggest ride, to thrilling rides, wild water games, cool climbing frames and supper slippery water slides for the little ones at the newly opened Splashers Island, Aquaventure will make you rediscover your braver side.

Check out these top 10 fun facts about Aquaventure Waterpark before visiting this multi-award winning water playground in Dubai.

You are Daring in Water at Dive Atlantis

Find yourself in the grip of the enchanting view of our Ambassador Lagoon, the largest open-air aquarium in the Middle East & Africa, and experience it from inside out by diving deep into a colourful world of 65,000 marine animals cavorting through its clear waters. Be amazed by the beautiful scenery and capture the gorgeous marine animals swim past you from a close distance.

Start your love affair with diving right here by choosing from a range of diving experiences at The Lost Chambers Aquarium that are open to everyone, from the world’s most popular and widely recognized PADI dives to the thrilling Atlantis Aquarium dives in the Ambassador Lagoon for a chance to get closer to the Lagoon’s incredible wild inhabitants, such as sharks and rays, than ever before. For the younger members of the family, there are many fun and easy junior diving programmes that serve as the best possible way to introduce them to diving and experience the exciting underwater world.

You are Social in Water at Aquaventure Beach


At Atlantis, you can leave behind your average Dubai vacation, and treat yourself to a getaway unlike any other. A place where the entire family can bond while relaxing in its luxurious all-in-one facilities is our Aquaventure Beach. The 700m-stretch of luxurious private beach is open exclusively to Aquaventure and Dolphin Bay visitors and offers private beachfront cabanas and canopies where you can sit with your favourite drink at hand while savouring a relaxing time by the sea or take in the beautiful views of the waterpark’s tropical landscapes in the exclusive reserved seating venue at Neptune’s Retreat.

Enjoy splendid views of The Palm and beyond via Atlantean Flyer Zip Line – a 500m long zipline that takes you across Atlantis’ whimsically beautiful tropical landscapes, 20 meters above the waterpark; explore a range of beach and pool activities, go quad biking, play beach volleyball, take on a number of water sports activities or simply kick back and relax on a day bed or deckchair with your family at the Royal Beach; head to Nasimi Beach Club for some awesome beachfront entertainment experiences; spend a lazy day relaxing with a host of family-friendly activities and plenty of dining options at the Zero Entry Pool at Atlantis Dubai.

You are Happier in Water at The Lost Chambers Aquarium


Feel an overwhelming sense of joy as you stand next to the largest open-air marine ecosystem in the world, The Lost Chambers Aquarium and explore the marine creatures that live in the ruins of the lost city of Atlantis via a maze of underwater tunnels and chambers in the aquarium with joyful abandon.

Come eye-to-eye with thousands of exotic marine animals in the aquarium, including, sharks, stingrays, jellyfish, and more, with several interactive exhibits housed within its themed chambers that take you through an immersive journey into the mysterious civilization of Atlantis and its inhabitants.

There are hourly Myth Tours are designed to give you a detailed underwater explorative experience of the life of Atlanteans and daily interactive Aquatheater Shows that offer plenty of opportunities to witness scuba divers at work in the aquarium, feeding and taking care of the marine animals. For the little ones, there are several fun educational programmes, including a behind-the-scenes tour of the aquarium, where a team of marine educators introduce you to the unique inhabitants of the aquarium and their feeding programmes, including the operations of a futuristic Fish Hospital and Nursery where breeding programmes are put in place for jellyfish, rays and sharks.

Whether you are looking to experience the scariest or the largest waterslide at Aquaventure, take a peaceful swim with the friendly dolphins at Dolphin Bay, explore the ruins of the lost city of Atlantis at The Lost Chambers Aquarium, cuddle and play with the sea lions, or dive with 65,000 beautiful marine animals in the incredible environs of The Ambassador Lagoon, you will feel Different in Water at Atlantis, The Palm and discover a different side you will certainly fall in love with.