Top Facts About Atlantis’ Rooms and Signature Suites

Top Facts About Atlantis’ Rooms and Signature Suites

22 May, 2018 By Atlantis Blog

While it’s true that there’s no place like home, staying for a few nights at a comfortable hotel has to be up there on your list of favourite things to do. Especially when your stay happens to be at one of the world’s most iconic luxury 5-star hotel and beachfront resort in Dubai, which is replete with the most breath-taking panoramic views, the most exciting on-site amenities and the most delicious seaside restaurants in the region.


As one of the world’s most-visited, instagrammed and most family-friendly, all-inclusive resorts, Atlantis, The Palm takes every measure to ensure that its guests enjoy a memorable stay at the hotel every single time.

Here are 10 interesting facts about Atlantis, The Palm’s guestrooms and signature suites that you might not know:


1. The resort has a total of 1,539 guestrooms, including 7 signature suites

One of Dubai’s largest hotels, Atlantis, The Palm’s luxury hotel rooms’ capacity in no way diminishes the quality of service offered at the resort. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, as the hotel’s popularity only adds to its charm and appeal. As the old saying goes, luxury loves company!

2. Atlantis Dubai is home to 323 Imperial Club rooms and 158 suites

This is one experience you are going to have to try for yourself. Each Imperial Club room or suite unlocks a large array of benefits that will transform your journey at the hotel from a simple stay to an unforgettable adventure. With remarkable personalized service, private check-in and check-out and a fantastic concierge team, you’ll never want to leave the resort again!

3. Over 1,400 of the 1,539 guestrooms and suites in the Royal Towers boast interconnecting doors, providing ideal accommodation for families, with up to 60 guests choosing interconnecting rooms each week

It’s time to make some memories! Thanks to some amazing seaside views, a large selection of international restaurants and a slew of highly entertaining and thrilling on-site attractions, including the best water park in Dubai and the largest aquarium in the Middle East and Africa, Atlantis Dubai is the ideal destination for exciting family adventures and unlimited fun.


4. With 1,539 rooms, Atlantis Dubai is the biggest hotel on The Palm Island

The luxury beachfront resort was also the first to open its doors on the revolutionary manmade island. In fact, Atlantis, The Palm has been one of Dubai’s most visited destinations for almost a decade. And the future looks only brighter!

5. The longest stay at the hotel was in a Regal Suite for a period of six months

Did we mention there’s a possibility you might never want to leave the resort once you’ve set foot inside? While that might prove very tricky for most guests with commitments outside of Dubai, Atlantis has had the pleasure of welcoming guests for half a year at a time. So if you’re ever up for a very long vacation, or perhaps a sabbatical, we’ll be right here waiting for you! Take a look at the opulent Club Suite and the most luxurious Royal Bridge Suite where celebrities and A-listers have stayed during their Dubai visit.

6. After the check-out, the most common item that guests forget in their room is their phone charger

In fact, we have a whole section in our “lost and found” dedicated solely to mobile accessories! All jokes aside, our team tries to conduct post-check-out room inspections as soon as our guests register their exit. This precaution is taken in order to ensure they have packed all of their personal belongings, but unfortunately, some items grab our attention a little too late, though.

7. On an average day, it takes 30 minutes to clean an occupied room and 45 minutes to clean a checked-out room

When it comes to hygiene, we spare no expense. Our room keepers and cleaners are the best at what they do. Fast, efficient and incredibly detail-oriented, they take great care in ensuring every room is immaculate and every inch of the resort is spotless and ready to welcome new and returning guests.


8. The most commonly-requested room service items are seafood, red and white wine and cheesecake

With a choice of mouth-watering dishes and succulent items available at our restaurants, our room service menu is generally popular with our hotel guests. Seafood dishes, however, have firmly established themselves as our most popular savoury item, while wine and cheesecake have respectively stood out in the drinks and dessert categories.

9. Although we have guests from all over the world, the most requested breakfast varieties are Continental and Arabic

It seems that when it comes to the first meal of the day, our guests like to keep it classic or local. No matter which option you prefer, our breakfast buffets and on-site restaurants serve a large selection of international dishes and local specialities, all freshly prepared with only the most delicious ingredients.

10. An average of 800 room service orders are placed every single day

And we make sure to perfectly answer every single order. At Atlantis, The Palm, our guests’ comfort and happiness is our utmost priority, so our team is always on hand to provide room service requests in a timely, accurate and professional manner.

If you’re more of a visual spirit, then feel free to look at the full Atlantis Rooms and Signature Suites Fun Facts Infographics.