6 ‘Fin’tastic Facts About Atlantis Sharks

6 ‘Fin’tastic Facts About Atlantis Sharks

28 July, 2019 By Atlantis Blog

Get into the spirit of Atlantis Shark Week and celebrate the different species of sharks that reside at luxury resort, by getting up close & personal with these thrilling and rather misunderstood underwater predator, through a range of immersive shark week activities and experiences.


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Whats more! There is even FREE admission to one of the biggest and best aquariums in the world for every child below 11 years old, when they wear something shark-themed and are accompanied by one paying adult.

Here are some fun facts for you to enjoy between our Shark Week celebratory activities:


There are 65 sharks at Atlantis, The Palm, representing over 11 different species.  They live in the Ambassador Lagoon and the Shark Lagoon

With many different species of sharks living harmoniously in the Ambassador Lagoon and the Shark Lagoon, they are a firm favourite with guests. The marine educators and mammal specialists have been raising awareness about the coastline and marine mammals, through engaging educational activities onsite.

Atlantis breeds 4 different species of sharks

Atlantis has bred 3 different species of sharks in the past – Arabian carpet sharks, White tip sharks, and zebra sharks. The more prolific breeders are the 5 species of rays, including Marble rays (Taeniura meyeni), Cownose rays (Rhinoptera Javanica), Spotted Eaglerays (Aetobatus nari nari), Honeycomb rays (Himantura uarnak) and Porcupine rays (Urogymnus asperrimus), which are relatives of the sharks.


Atlantis has a natural breeding programme in place with a good balance of males and females that reside in the 11-million-litre Ambassador Lagoon and The Lost Chambers Aquarium

Most of the shark species at the Lost Chambers Aquarium are involved in some kind of mating behaviour, which can range from active pursuit of the females around the exhibit to actual physical contact. Most sharks do not reach sexual maturity until quite a late age; this can range from 5 years old up to 30 depending on the species. A large majority of the marine animals are still juveniles and aren’t old enough for physical interaction.

There is a special kitchen where food is prepared exclusively for the marine inhabitants of Atlantis. Sharks are fed restaurant grade quality seafood, which is specially sourced for its high quality and nutritional value

The diets of sharks are constantly monitored by Marine Mammal Specialists to ensure they are getting what they need to gain the correct nutrients that they would receive from food in the ocean. This is done by feeding them varied diet of the best quality food. Temperature is a major contributing factor to their diet as well, with the sharks requiring less food in the cooler months due to a slower metabolism.


Atlantis has a world class fish hospital and fish husbandry team that help keep all the marine animals in the best condition possible

Atlantis also runs an open system which allows fresh sea water to constantly enter the lagoon. This together with an open roof on the exhibits creates the best possible and most authentic environment for the marine animals. Moreover, the luxury resort regularly carries out a number of sustainability focused projects such as education programs and wildlife conservation initiatives.

Visitors can get up close and learn more about sharks with several exciting activities, such as Shark Snorkel, Dive Discovery, Aqua Trek and Shark Tales in the Shark Lagoon

A range of immersive marine animal adventures are offered for visitors and guests. You can feed rays in waist-deep water in the shark lagoon, snorkel at the surface, walk underwater with a special air supplied helmet, snorkel or even dive with dive certification or without prior dive experience. There is a programme available for everyone.

To simply enjoy the sharks without getting wet, visit The Ambassador Lagoon. To experience the wonder of marine life within the Ambassador Lagoon, try the Ultimate Dive. If you want more closer interaction, consider the Back of House Tour or snorkel with the sharks at the Shark Lagoon in Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark.

If you are visual person, then take a look at the full Atlantis Shark Week Facts Infographics.