Atlantis Dubai’s New Wave – WHITE Beach!

Atlantis Dubai’s New Wave – WHITE Beach!

21 November, 2019 By Atlantis Blog

Say goodbye to Dubai summer & hello to the amazing weather with a quick getaway to Atlantis Dubai, an all-inclusive luxury resort on The Palm that is always changing with the tides and bursting at the seams with new and exciting activities and attractions. One such new entrant to the resort is a first-of-its-kind hottest beach club in Dubai, set to open this Saturday.

WHITE Beach Dubai

When it’s time to take a break, WHITE Beach Club is the perfect place to find everything you need for a fun-filled, laid-back day or evening out. WHITE Beach is a brand-new entertainment venue with day to night experience, with a perfect balance of beach fun, food, entertainment and relaxation, offering an escape from the traditional and expected. WHITE Beach is touted to offer the most exclusive experience and to the highest standards not only in Dubai, but beyond.

Take a dip in the shore-side infinity pool, lunch or dinner at the Mediterranean restaurant that overlooks the beach via an open-air terrace or sip on a sunset cocktail on the deck of the beachfront bar by the pool or underneath a beach-side pergola.


WHITE Beach Club is also designed to bring the typical pool party to a different level of exclusivity with music and activities in the live event space that will host a gathering of international and local artists. A resident DJ will also soundtrack the sunset every day with relaxed and vibrant sounds.


So, what can you do at WHITE Beach Club?

  1. Chill by the beach
  2. Sip on your fave cocktails
  3. Party by the pool
  4. Watch live musical events
  5. Enjoy a Mediterranean dining experience

Celebrate New Year’s at WHITE Beach Restaurant

Join us as we celebrate New Year’s Eve in an unforgettable way at WHITE Beach Restaurant! What better way to start a new year than by partying on the beach overlooking the glittering Dubai skyline and watching a dazzling display of Atlantis’ popular fireworks when the clock strikes 12am.

Package Details:

Price: AED 1,950 per person

Ages 12 – 20 years: AED 1,330

Ages 10 – 11 years: AED 950


With a great location, a stellar team that creates art with immersive experience, excellent customer service, and a variety of ambiance for all relaxation purposes, WHITE Beach Club is an update of the relaxation offer and the newest luxury experience in Atlantis Dubai.