Tips for Staying Positive and Motivated During Quarantine

Tips for Staying Positive and Motivated During Quarantine

4 May, 2020 By Atlantis Blog

Here are some ideas of at-home activities that you can keep doing to get through a self-imposed quarantine with your sanity and motivation intact:


Practice Meditation and Mindfulness

Practicing meditation and mindfulness could improve your attention span, emotional well-being, and mental health.

Spending weeks in isolation can be distressing, but also offers a great opportunity to set goals, for yourself. Regardless of whether they are small or large, make sure to align them with what’s truly meaningful to you. Perhaps you intend to focus on relieving anxiety by practicing breathing exercises or focus on your fitness.

There are several online meditation classes to explore from the comfort of your own home. For instance, Atlantis hosted its first online underwater yoga session, on Wednesday at 5:00pm, at the Lost Chambers Aquarium. You can now live stream the upcoming #YogaInAtlantis sessions from The Lost Chambers Aquarium @atlantisthepalm within the comfort of your home.

Workout for That “Summer body”

From cardio to HIIT to weight-training! A quick exercise session can lift your spirits and get you moving when you wouldn’t have the chance to otherwise. With many gyms and fitness groups not accessible, many apps and online resources are now available for at-home workout sessions.

Here are some fitness apps you can download for free on both IOS & Android:

  1. Beachbody® On Demand
  2. Nike Training Club
  3. Abs
  4. Physique 57 OnDemand
  5. FIIT

Write in a Journal – 5 Top Activities You Want to Do Once You’re Out of Quarantine

In the current situation, it is normal to feel overwhelmed, among a wide range of other emotional reactions. Even if you’re housebound now, you can help manage your frustrations over the hiatus by expressing what you’re feeling through journaling.

We recommend you start your day by listing down the things you are thankful for; the new skills you have acquired during isolation and the thing you yearn to do after getting back to normalcy.


Here are a few specific suggestions to consider when journaling the ‘things you want to do when you’re out of quarantine’ right here in Dubai:

Take a Virtual Vacation

Dreaming about visiting exotic locales, or just touring a new city during quarantine? Although travel is on hold, as an armchair traveller you can travel virtually to any parts of the world, without leaving home.


You can recreate an Atlantis vacation experience with Google Maps’ Street View of the resort, using your phone and the internet.

Discover the Joy of Cooking at Home

Have you jumped on the cooking and baking craze yet?

Atlantis has an extensive YouTube channel filled with recipes, kitchen secrets and tips from celebrity chefs and head chefs of award-winning restaurants. Some of the most popular ones include the most delicious vegan tiramisu recipe from Ronda Locatelli and Gordon Ramsay’s Beef Wellington recipe from Bread Street Kitchen.


Meanwhile, Atlantis restaurants are still open for take-out and delivery if you need a break from all those home-cooked meals.

In Quarantine With Kids? Here Are Some Playful Ways to Stay Sane While Keeping Them Busy

Here are few playful approaches that will improve difficult situations and help everyone in your family stay calm and sane:

Watercolour painting – Just grab a bucket of water, a set of watercolour paints, and paint brushes. Painting with watercolours is a great way to channel your kid’s inner artist and at the same time add a momentary, colourful touch to your patio or floor tiles. You’ll no doubt be surprised with the creativity that will flow in.

A 30-day LEGO® challenge – Who doesn’t love LEGO®? Kids have always learnt particularly well while creating and building things. Learning by doing, through designing and constructing things, is better than learning by teaching and has lifelong benefits. While learning with toys is both fun and engaging!

Scrapbooking with Family – Create a beautiful family scrapbook for you and your family to fill with your most precious memories during quarantine. The scrapbook can have as many albums as you wish. Your album could be a compilation of ‘remember when’ moments or even a photo series of special family ‘lockdown’ memories.