Celebrate World Oceans Day with Atlantis, Dubai

Celebrate World Oceans Day with Atlantis, Dubai

7 June, 2020 By Atlantis Blog

World Oceans Day, which falls on 8th June is an annual opportunity for organisations and individuals to unite under one banner and make ocean conservation a top priority across the globe.

At Atlantis Dubai, we celebrate the variety of marine species that call it home, raising awareness of the multitude benefits that conservation of the marine biodiversity provides to people, so that we continue to enjoy an environment in which we are all important, and all have a place.

Part of Atlantis’ Framework Since Its Inception, Environmental Responsibility Is One of the Guiding Principles of Atlantis, Dubai

Atlantis, Dubai was the first destination in the Middle East to be granted accreditation by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA). AZA is an independent accrediting organisation for the best zoos and aquariums in the world, and when you visit an AZA-accredited facility you can be sure it upholds the highest possible standards for conservation efforts, animal care and welfare.

Education is key to ensuring that the next generation takes better care of the marine ecosystem. We educate people around the world to come together to address ongoing major threats to our oceans, including rising sea levels, habitat change, climate change and pollution, and overfishing. Children and youth are the agents of change. The most effective way of educating them is by bringing learning to life, and this is what we specialise in.

Responsible Marine Animal Educational Programmes

With the 11-million-litre marine habitat of Ambassador Lagoon home to more than 65,000 marine animals cared for round-the-clock by our specialist animal care teams, there are plenty of learning opportunities at Atlantis. Demonstrating a commitment to protecting our marine habitat by delivering meaningful and memorable educational programmes with essential science, conservation efforts, animal welfare and environmental education to our guests, our colleagues, students and the local community, almost every aspect of marine life here has an educational focus.

We are always exploring innovative ways to engage people in a way that leads to conservation actions from the ground up and to make learning fun, while delivering an important and impactful message that can bring positive changes to the waterscape.


Behind-the-Scenes Tours

As a member of AZA, Atlantis, Dubai is one of the few places in the world where you get the opportunity to get up close and personal with marine animals, while they are provided with excellent care and support that extends beyond public education and outreach. The passionate crew at the exhibits of the Lost Chambers Aquarium love to share their knowledge with guests, guiding them through everything from how we take care of our animals, to what it takes to operate the UAE’s largest aquarium.

The behind-the-scenes tour of our fully functional fish hospital offers first-hand insight into our facilities for animal breeding with guides explaining how our breeding programmes work – particularly with the jellyfish and seahorse. Guests also learn how we look after new-born sharks and rays, and how we prepare nutritious meals for more than 65,000 animals every single day.

Marine Sustainability Initiatives and Efforts

Our breeding programmes often lead to successful release opportunities and we have already released several baby sharks and stingrays on the Atlantis beach, near to the monorail bridge and at the Jebel Ali Wetland Sanctuary in Dubai. While these are not scheduled, most releases happen in the autumn/winter months when the sea is the ideal temperature for the animals. We come together with Dubai Municipality and Dubai’s Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, and also get our in-house guests involved in these marine sustainability programmes. We also get local schools to come in to help with the fish releases, encouraging the kids to put the fish back into the sea.


Live Feeding Sessions

Our live feeding sessions give you a hands-on encounter with the resident cownose rays, reef fish and sharks. These sessions are hosted by team of knowledgeable marine educators who share facts about conservation biology, behaviours and welfare of the animals that reside in the Ambassador Lagoon and Shark Lagoon, and educate guests on the back-of-house facilities that show how the marine animals are bred and cared for, while our divers go underwater to feed the animals right in front our guests. The combination of a thrilling feed, coupled with educational fun facts, makes this both an exciting and informative experience.


Underwater Safaris

Atlantis, Dubai offers a range of immersive underwater experiences for qualified divers as well as for kids as young as eight who have never dived before! The Shark Safari is a popular underwater dive programme that gives you the opportunity to observe hammerhead, black tip, white tip, grey reef, and guitar sharks in their own environment, with our professional dive team there to explain more about these animals. Aquatrek is another innovative underwater diving programme – perfect for everyone aged eight to 80, and with no previous dive or swimming experience necessary – that provides a fascinating yet easy underwater diving experience with the help of a special oxygen helmet that allows them to breathe and walk underwater.

Whether you choose to dive with these fascinating animals, or to don a special helmet and effortlessly walk alongside them, Atlantis makes immersive learning possible.


Dolphin Education Experiences

Dolphin Bay is one of the most sophisticated dolphin habitats in the world that offers these magnificent marine mammals a secure environment. The dolphins are cared for by our Marine Mammal specialists and the veterinary team who put the welfare of these animals as their top priority. The operational area follows a responsible code of conduct that enhances their longevity and quality of life, as they are protected from elements that affect their survival in the ocean.

Dolphin Bay also provides plenty of learning opportunities about dolphins by offering a variety of unforgettable, educational experiences where you can meet the friendly pod of dolphins in deep and shallow water, and learn all about them with fun, interactive sessions hosted by our marine mammal specialists. Interactions range from standing in shallow water to swimming or snorkelling alongside these intelligent marine mammals.


Sea Lion Education Experiences

Seal Lion Point is home to our friendly South African Fur Seals, where guests can get-up close to these charismatic marine animals to learn more about them. The marine mammal specialists explain the difference between sea lions and seals, talk about their physiology and anatomy, and allows guests get up-close to these friendly pinnipeds.

Every session with the sea lion includes a chance to see the facilities in which they reside and understand their distinctive habits both on land and in the water through the marine mammal specialists, and ends with these playful mammals sending out an important conservation message by picking up a plastic water bottle and placing it in the recycling bin.

Join us on this day of celebration by getting involved in a range of awareness-raising activities at Atlantis, Dubai, as we do our bit for marine conservation and sustainability.