‘Humanity Inspired’, World’s Largest Canvas Painting for Charity at Atlantis Dubai

‘Humanity Inspired’, World’s Largest Canvas Painting for Charity at Atlantis Dubai

14 June, 2020 By Atlantis Blog

One of the world’s most renowned artists is using his creativity as an instrument to help others in need during the biggest humanitarian fight in over a century, by painting at Atlantis Dubai what will be known as ‘Humanity Inspired – the largest painting on canvas ever created by a single artist. The painting will be unveiled over several weeks.

Sacha Jafri is a celebrated artist, popularly known as the pioneer of magic realism in art, who will be working on this record-breaking project to raise funds for the continual uninterrupted education of children as well as for hospitals, healthcare workers, emergency services response units, essential medical supplies & our front-line defense workers, as we join the world in our humanitarian efforts to battle the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ‘Largest Painting on Canvas Ever Created by A Single Artist’ to be Unveiled at Atlantis Dubai

Sacha’s oil & acrylic painting on canvas portraying the coming together of all nations for humanity will be created in 30x panels making up a single large-scale canvas of 3,108 sqm (with dimensions of 111m x 28m), making it the largest painting on canvas ever created by a single artist, anywhere in the world.

The finished painting will be double-sided so that it can be viewed from all angles, and it will be unveiled for the first time at Atlantis Dubai. The painting will then be hung both in portrait & landscape format (the largest painting ever to hang in a frame) inside The Dubai Frame for 48 hours, as the nation’s collective symbol togetherness, connection, isolation, and soulful reflection. The canvas will then be moved to The Louvre in Abu Dhabi, where it will become the largest painting to ever hang at The Louvre (worldwide).

‘Humanity Inspired’ Artwork & Creative Contributions from Children Across the Globe

This project aims to engage children across the globe through art, creative expression, and positive energy. Children are encouraged to create artwork either in the form of drawing, sketch, collage, painting, or doodle, expressing what they feel and understand about the two themes – ‘Separation/Isolation’ or ‘Connection’. The artwork can be in any size and on any material.

Every piece of art created by participating children will then form the first layer – the heart and soul of the canvas. Sacha will then work on the painting for 6 weeks bringing it to its conclusion with 300 to 400 further layers, making up the spirit, the heartbeat, the energy, and the narrative of this record-breaking work of art.

The painting will symbolize the coming together of all nations, children’s emotions, and their expressions; one-soul, one smile, one understanding of light & hope; humanity connected. ‘Humanity Inspired’.

Artwork Submission and Canvas Painting Completion

Children between the age of 2-18 years old can start submitting their artwork, which will be fed into a database where Sacha will use these individual artworks to integrate them into one huge painting on canvas to create the ‘Largest Ever Painting on Canvas’.

This creative process will also see collaborations from other talented artists such as musicians and performers.

The Largest Painting to Have Ever Been Auctioned Off Both Online and in the UAE

The 30x panels making up this multiple record-breaking artwork will then be individually auctioned in a high-profile charity auction event, which will be conducted both online reaching bidders around the world and in the UAE, raising money for the healthcare workers, hospitals, emergency services & charities around the globe that are helping humanity get through this crisis. With the ultimate aim of helping the transition, from the aftermath of this crisis to a better tomorrow.