Take Your Fitness to the Next Level with a Total Body Workout Fitness Membership Programme at ShuiQi

Take Your Fitness to the Next Level with a Total Body Workout Fitness Membership Programme at ShuiQi

30 August, 2020 By Atlantis Blog

It’s never too late to step up your fitness game with an active workout routine that transforms and empowers you to feel strong and healthy.

With ShuiQi Fitness Centre Dubai reopening, set yourself on a healthy track that will give you the strength and confidence you need to enhance your overall wellbeing for a healthier lifestyle by taking advantage of our brand-new Total Body Workout programme!


Transform Your Life with a Total Body Workout Fitness Programme

Total Body Workout (TBW) is ShuiQi Fitness Centre’s newest fitness programme, which is designed to reboot, revitalize and rejuvenate your mind and body after a series of high impact full body workout through elements of total body workouts with the best equipment from Technogym and Kinesis, massage therapy, and mindful meditation and Yoga.

TBW is also a great way to put your goals into action while still having the freedom to customise your schedule and curate personalised experiences as per your needs. You can choose to take regular classes for a month or for an entire year. `


Why Should You Take TBW Fitness Membership?

  • Reboot your body with our complimentary Personal Training sessions
  • Revitalize your body, ease tight muscles and minimize soreness with a post-workout massage
  • Rejuvenate and rebalance your mind, body and soul with our underwater Yoga session

Additional TBW membership benefits include unlimited access to the fitness centre, one personal training session per each signed month, complimentary access to Atlantis’s Pool and Beach, inBody professional body composition analyzer and usage of wellness facilities including steam, sauna, Jacuzzi and laconium chairs in the men’s area. Wellness extras including a signature Comfort Zone massage once a month, a relaxing Underwater Yoga session once a month, as well a 20 per cent discount on all spa treatments, retail and personal training sessions at ShuiQi Fitness & Spa.


TBW Fitness Membership Packages:

Whether you’re looking to focus on fitness or bask in a balance of mind and body, we have a range of comprehensive total body workout programmes, designed around your specific needs, with incredibly well-trained fitness experts to help you reach your goals.

You have the freedom to customize your overall experience. To help you build your perfect fitness experience, we are breaking down all our TBW fitness membership packages:

Kick Fit (1-month TBW)

Kick start your fitness future with a programme that will want you coming back for more

Price: AED 995 (single)| AED 1,690 (couple)

Guest Value:  AED 1,420 (Single)| AED 2,840 (couple)

Quick Fit (3 months TBW)

The only way to get your body into the groove is to stay little longer

Price: AED 2,650 (single)| AED 4,510 (couple)

Guest Value:  AED 4,260 (Single)| AED 8,520 (couple)

Flow Fit (6 months TBW)

Commit your body to long term results that make a difference

Price: AED 4,990 (single)| AED 8,490 (couple)

Guest Value:  AED 8,520 (Single)| AED 17,040 (couple)

Pro Fit (12 months TBW)

Get into the best shape of your life and reap the benefits in the long run

Price: AED 8,490 (single)| AED 14,600 (couple)

Guest Value:  AED 17,040 (Single)| AED 34,080 (couple)


Grab your fitness wear and hit the ShuiQi Fitness Centre to integrate, enhance and rebalance your body and mind!