Experience the Sights of Marine Life at Atlantis Dubai with These Unique Underwater Helmet Diving Experiences

Experience the Sights of Marine Life at Atlantis Dubai with These Unique Underwater Helmet Diving Experiences

21 September, 2020 By Atlantis Blog

You don’t have to be a certified scuba diver or experienced snorkeler to enjoy the awe-inspiring underwater world at Atlantis, The Palm. Two underwater diving experiences at Atlantis Aqauventure make it easy and fun for people of all ages to experience colourful marine life up close and personal.

Take an underwater walk along the Ambassador Lagoon where more than 65,000 marine animals live harmoniously. Even easier than snorkelling or swimming, Aquatrek lets people with no prior training have a fascinating experience underwater with the help of a special oxygen helmet that allows people to breathe and walk underwater.


Aquatrek – Experience a Submarine Dive in the Ambassador Lagoon

Discover the incredible diversity of marine life in Atlantis, from the simplest way you could have ever imagined.

Experience walking underwater while you are at a depth of 3 meters on a shallow ledge in The Ambassador Lagoon while wearing a specially designed oxygen helmet. With the helmet on, you receive a continuous supply of air (three times more than what you would normally breathe).

Perfect for anyone from ages 8 to 80 and with no dive or swimming experience necessary. The Aquatrek experience lets you walk with complete safety along with an instructor that will accompany you at all times. Enjoy the feeling of weightlessness and the enhanced visibility that the special Aquatrek helmet gives you, even at night.

Professional underwater photographers will be on site to capture memories of your underwater trek. Bring your underwater camera or hire a Go-Pro from the kiosk to get your own up-close shots of colourful fish that won’t come near the surface. Come face-to-face with sharks, stingrays, and schools of multi-coloured fish. You are guaranteed to enjoy this unique underwater experience and share this special memory with your family and lifelong friends.

Shark Safari

Aquatrek Xtreme – Discover the Wonders of Atlantis’ Marine Kingdom 30 Feet Under!

Are you a daring diver? The brand new and one of the most unforgettable interactive experience in Atlantis Aquaventure – Aquatrek Xtreme. You’ll feel right at home underwater in the Ambassador Lagoon, while you descend to record-breaking depths of Dubai’s largest aquarium wearing a special oxygen helmet, which allows you to breathe freely and walk through the lost city of Atlantis along the bottom floor of the Ambassador Lagoon.

As you explore our open-air aquarium, walking on the floor down to waters up to 10 meters (30 feet) deep, you’ll discover unique experiences around every corner. During your 20-minute journey, you’ll become truly immersed in the lagoon’s underwater habitat and enjoy thrilling encounters with thousands of marine species including sharks, stingrays, and countless colourful fish. That extra 10 meters that you can go with Aquatrek Xtreme opens up new scenarios of underwater discovery!

Recommended activity for: Guests 12 years and above. Children below 16 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during the briefing but do not necessarily have to participate in the program.

Duration: 60 minutes, includes check-in, educational briefing and animal safety, informative briefing on environment, and getting kitted up.

Book your Aquatrek experience for a memorable underwater discovery with family and friends.

Shark Safari – Go on a Safari of a Different Kind

Whether you’re looking for a thrilling underwater diving experience, or a shark enthusiast with a desire to understand these wonderful creatures and observe their natural behavioural pattern, you can now come face to face with different types of sharks in a unique underwater experience at Atlantis Aquaventure’s Shark Lagoon bay, while you walk along the bottom of the lagoon with an oxygen helmet on, in the Shark Safari experience.

During your experience, you will see a variety of sharks (black and white tip reef sharks, a bowmouth guitar shark and a guitar shark) and rays, including cownose rays, porcupine rays and cowtail rays. If you’re lucky you would be able to spot more exotic fish, such as Parrotfish, seabream, black spotted snapper from across the globe. Shark Safari experience lasts around 20 minutes and requires no swimming skills or training to participate.

Recommended activity for: Guests 8 years and above

Duration: 20 minutes

Available: Daily