Top Facts About Celebrity Restaurants in Atlantis Dubai

Top Facts About Celebrity Restaurants in Atlantis Dubai

9 October, 2020 By Atlantis Blog

If you have a passion for fine dining and would like to also savour culinary creations from some of the best celebrity chefs in the world, then Atlantis restaurants in Dubai definitely warrant a visit. The luxury resort on The Palm is one of the most exciting and diverse dining destinations in the Middle East and has been pleasing the palates of foodies for years.

From the Japanese dining phenomenon Nobu to Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen, here are some top facts about celebrity restaurants in Atlantis Dubai:


1. Nobu is regarded as serving some of the best sushi and sashimi in the world

A global culinary icon, Nobu Dubai is a world-renowned restaurant in Dubai by Chef Nobu Matsuhisa fuses cutting-edge Japanese style with Peruvian influences to create a unique fusion cuisine with unmatched creativity. Some of his popular signature dishes include, iconic black cod miso, premium wagyu beef tacos with a Japanese twist, and Dubai’s best sushi and sashimi.


2. Nobu’s signature dish black cod yuzu miso is the most sold item on the menu

Nobu’s unique style of Japanese-Peruvian cuisine incorporates Peruvian ingredients into Japanese dishes, and a dish that celebrates his culinary creativity is Nobu’s signature dish black cod yuzu miso. It is a delicious, moist, and tender black cod marinated with Japanese yuzu miso.


3. Ronda Locatelli has the biggest vegan menu of any (non-vegan) restaurant in the city, with more than 40 dishes to choose from

Wherever you may find yourself in Dubai, the best wholesome vegan food can be had at Ronda Locatelli, which serves authentic Italian cuisine crafted by Michelin-starred Chef Giorgio Locatelli. Ronda Locatelli serve more than 60 Italian dishes including delicious antipasti, stone-hearth pizzas and the celebrated avocado chocolate mousse dessert, along with a selection of tasty gluten-free items – all made fresh in the kitchen using authentic Italian ingredients.

Ronda Locatelli Atlantis the Palm

4. Ronda Locatelli chefs prepare over 100Kg of pasta every week and serve 62,400 pizzas every year

To put things in perspective, a 100kg of pasta is equivalent to the weight of a baby elephant! The gnocchi Sorrentina, which consists of potatoes, gnocchi, cherry tomato sauce, mozzarella foam and basil oil, is the most popular pasta dish at Ronda.


5. Ossiano is the only restaurant in Dubai to take the title as Best Seafood in Dubai for five years consecutively at the Time Out Dubai Restaurant Awards

Ossiano offers an unforgettable dining experience – in a magical underwater world setting surrounded by more than 65,000 marine animals – with the finest seafood, caviar and innovative creations from Chef De Cuisine Grégoire Berger on the menu.


6. Ossiano sees more marriage proposals than any other spot in the hotel

If you are looking to make the perfect proposal in the perfect destination, then you certainly cannot go wrong with Ossiano, the most romantic underwater restaurant in Dubai at Atlantis. Book a table at Ossiano and get a scuba diver in The Ambassador Lagoon to hold up a sign saying, “Will You Marry Me” against the glass window next to your table while you propose to the love of your life. Be sure to pick a seat facing the lagoon.


7. The wok-seared spotted bass in superior ginger soya is a dish that is only available in Hakkasan Dubai

There are select dishes available exclusively at Hakkasan Dubai at Atlantis, The Palm. These include the wok-seared tiger prawn with white asparagus, the shimeji and chilli, and the sautéed scallop with salted olive and porccini.

8. The chefs at Hakkasan have made a concerted effort to make more on the plate edible

Did you know that the baskets and the bling blossom garnish that contain the osmanthus wagyu beef rib-eye can actually be eaten? With the eagerness to reduce their food waste footprint, the chefs at Hakkasan use creative methods with a special focus on sustainability as part of their daily routine.

Bread Street Kitchen and Bar

9. Bread Street Kitchen in Dubai is the largest and one of the busiest Gordon Ramsay outlets to date

The Dubai outpost of Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen in London is a popular destination for families and friends, and features a relaxed outdoor dining, an ice-cream bar, and a lively Friday brunch.


10. The team at Bread Street Kitchen Dubai serves an impressive amount of Beef Wellingtons every month

Beef Wellington earned its name from Arthur Wellesley, a national hero for defeating Napoleon at Waterloo in 1815 and accordingly was made the first Duke of Wellington. He loved a dish of beef, mushrooms, truffles, Madeira wine, and pâté cooked in pastry, which has been named in his honour.


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