Find your Inner Strength at ShuiQi Spa & Fitness Centre

Atlantis find your Inner Strength at Shuiqi Spa

Discover the power of the inner-strength oil, created by Geraldine Howard, a co-founder of Aromatherapy Association, which can be found at ShuiQi Spa and Fitness Centre, Atlantis, The Palm.

Inner-strength oil is a unique blend of oils conceived by Geraldine during her treatment for a type of eye cancer, which she was first diagnosed for 18 months ago. Once diagnosed, doctors removed her right eye within a few days. Guided by her instincts, Geraldine developed a unique oil that combines a powerful combination of uplifting clary sage, frankincense to help focus the mind and calm the thoughts, cardamom and rosemary to help fortify physical strength, rose and vetivert to calm and heal, and geranium to balance emotionally and stimulate circulation.

Designed to give her courage at a dark time, the essential oil she conceived – which she originally called Black Hole – is also raising money for a cause now very close to her heart. 10% of all proceeds of this Bath and Shower Oil will be donated to the charity, Defence Against Cancer Foundation, that is helping pioneer new cancer vaccine treatments and of which Geraldine is currently a patient.

“I created this oil at a time when I needed to find my own inner strength. I hope this will help others too.” – Geraldine Howard, Aromatherapy Associates Co-Founder & President.

Key Benefits of inner-strength oil:

  • Helps to focus the mind and calm the thoughts
  • Helps fortify physical strength when you are feeling drained
  • Relaxing, calming and emotionally strengthening during difficult times
  • Balances emotions and help stimulate circulation
  • Directions for use

How to use:

Add a capful to your bath or smooth it over your body before showering. There is enough oil for approximately 20 experiences. Follow with appropriate body wash and moisturiser if required.

The inner-strength experience at ShuiQi Spa and Fitness Centre

Indulge in an inspired message using inner-strength oil to encourage a positive frame of mind and inner strength.

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    The art of pampering is a specialty in Dubai.
    A comprehensive range of spa treatments is on offer with luxurious & exotic experiences at the Spa and Fitness Centre.

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