Come for the best steak in town at, Atlantis, The Palm

Come for the best steak in town at, Atlantis, The Palm

17 November, 2016 By Atlantis Blog



A nice big, juicy steak is one of those staples that everyone wants to eat when they go out for a special occasion.

It’s probably because this cut of beef is tricky to get right at home – but that’s not the case at our fine New York style Seafire Steakhouse and Bar.

We only serve our exclusive all-natural grain-fed “Atlantis” beef that comes all the way from Australia where the Australian Agricultural Company produce a special breed of cattle exclusively for us.

Through careful breeding of European and Japanese cattle, coupled with the precise science of feeding, Atlantis Cattle are fed exclusively a mix of hay, barley, corn and essential seeds, ensuring the even spread of fat through the tissue and therefore perfecting the marbling of the beef.

All beef is graded according to the amount of marbling – the fat content within the muscle tissue. Well-marbled beef is highly sought after due to the exquisite flavour of the meat. We are very proud that Atlantis Beef has a marble score of 4+.

To perfect the flavour and unrivalled taste, our tenderloin fillets, rib-eye and striploin steaks are only grilled over natural woods.

To accompany your steak, take your pick from our classic steak sauce selection – from red wine jus to peppercorn or Chimichurri, and for sides you can choose between truffle fries, roast vegetables, creamed spinach or Seafire coleslaw. For dessert there’s our famous cheesecake, Italian ice cream, chocolate fondant or Banoffi pie.

The award-winning Seafire steakhouse not only offers the very best steak, Carpaccio and beef tartar, but there’s a wide variety of options for the vegetarians too, as well as classics including rotisserie chicken, burgers, ribs and salads.

Other restaurants offering steak

While Seafire is our signature steak house, you can also order a juicy steak at Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen and Bar or enjoy your steak al fresco straight off the BBQ at our pool restaurant, The Edge.

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