Serving You the Extraordinary at Atlantis Dubai

Serving You the Extraordinary at Atlantis Dubai

29 October, 2017 By Atlantis Blog

Atlantis restaurants in Dubai offer signature, avant-garde cuisines that combine distinctive flavours, pure elegance and simplicity to pique your palate, and take your dining experience to new heights.

Carefully constructed as per the chef’s vision, technique, and food ethics, all of the dishes here are plated perfectly and presented in an extremely appetizing manner that evokes a sense of tasty wonderment in you. Playing to all the senses and bringing you closer to the interplay between flavours and fresh ingredients handpicked by the chefs themselves, the signature dishes severed at Atlantis restaurants can satisfy even the most demanding connoisseurs.

Discover how Atlantis Restaurants in Dubai go above and beyond the ordinary to serve you the extraordinary.


Savour Authentic Lebanese Cuisine with a Modern Touch at Ayamna Lebanese Restaurant

Take a look at one of the signature dishes from Chef Ali Elibourjis at Ayamna Restaurant, featuring deep-fried marinated zaatar prawns wrapped in kunafa dough. The tasteful brilliance of this unique crispy treat combined with the modern contemporary ambience of the restaurant, is only the beginning of a culinary tour of authentic Lebanese cuisine that will certainly take you by surprise.

Experience the Harmony of Flavours and Visual Evocation of Japanese Fine Dining at Nobu

A seafood dish that became incredibly popular in Japan is world-renowned Chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s signature Miso Black Cod; the dish now forms a part of his identity. The meticulous creation of a tender fillet of Black Cod marinated with Japanese miso for four days and its minimalistic plating on a white plate set the terms for a modern vision of Japanese fine dining around the world like never before. Come and enjoy this international phenomenon at Nobu in Atlantis, The Palm.

Treat Yourself to the Most Luxurious Underwater Dining Experience in Dubai at Ossiano

Ossiano, a popular Atlantis underwater restaurant has been serving the best seafood in Dubai and is one of the perfect romantic places for an intimate dinner in Dubai. At the centre of it all is the highly talented Chef Grégoire Berger, who has been creating dishes that blur the lines between art and food. Indulge in a range of seafood delicacies and modernist signature desserts from the most awarded young chef in the Middle East, 32 feet under the sea surrounded by extraordinary marine life, only at Ossiano.

Go All’italiana and get served authentic Italian cuisine in Dubai at Ronda Locatelli

Bursting at the seams with style and sophistication is celebrity chef Giorgio Locatelli’s authentic Italian restaurant Ronda Locatelli, where he incorporates Italian heritage, fresh ingredients that are specially flown in from Sicily and Italy’s finest local flavours to create a melange of dishes that would easily knock anyone’s socks off. Diners can also find Gluten-free options aplenty at this casual fine dining Italian gem at Atlantis Dubai.

Relish a mouthful of the tastiest and the best steak in Dubai at Seafire Steakhouse

There is no meal more satisfying than a perfectly cooked steak, and after you have had a slice of the juicy, sizzling steak at Seafire Steakhouse, nothing else would quite cut it. Widely famous for serving up the country’s finest beef steak, flown in directly from a farm in Australia that breeds Black Onyx cattle exclusively for Atlantis, Seafire Steakhouse is a haven for steak aficionados.

Tuck into Gordon Ramsay’s Beef wellington and a selection of British favourites at Bread Street kitchen in Dubai

Making culinary history by tapping his deep understanding of the international culinary scene is the multi-Michelin-starred celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, and his restaurant Bread Street Kitchen just brings that alive. Most notable is his signature dish Beef Wellington, every element of which is truly extraordinary.

Discover more reasons to enjoy Atlantis Dubai this Culinary Month.