Top Facts About Atlantis Summer Camps for Kids & Teens in Dubai

Top Facts About Atlantis Summer Camps for Kids & Teens in Dubai

1 July, 2019 By Atlantis Blog

For kids, a summer in Dubai wouldn’t be complete without a summer camp session at Atlantis, The Palm. This season, Atlantis Kids Club and The Zone combine the best of indoor & outdoor activities with six spectacular summer camps for kids and teens in Dubai that are even bigger and better that last year focusing on art, science, water activities and adventure to keep them active, entertained and engaged, both physically and mentally.


Discover some fun facts about our summer camps in Dubai, running for five consecutive days, from 7 July until 29 August at Atlantis, The Palm:

Atlantis Summer Adventurers offers young campers an amazing summer to enjoy the thrill of adventure

Kids with a need for adventure and action will flip at the idea of going to the new Summer Adventurers, a camp exclusive to Atlantis. Designed for young thrill-seekers, the Summer Adventurers camp will offer fun and adventure through treasure hunts, arts & crafts and obstacle courses, to transforming them into a Superhero or a Mad Scientist for the day and lots of splashing fun at Aquaventure Waterpark – all guaranteed to give your little one the much needed action-packed adventure this summer!


The Junior Athletes camp will keep your little trooper’s mind and body active

A healthy summer camp providing a choice of athletic activities, sports and on-site fun, Junior Athletes will have your little one’s adrenaline pumping with a full range of immersive indoor and outdoor activities. From engaging in a variety of athletic programmes matching their interests and abilities, to exploring what it takes to care for more than 65,000 marine animals through our Fish Tales Tour, the Young Athletes camp is perfect for keeping your little trooper’s brain and body active.

Junior Chef camp offers young food-lovers the ultimate fun of preparing delicious food with the aid of our very own Atlantis Chefs

The Junior Chef camp will give your food-loving kids a brilliant way to expand their knowledge and explore their passion even further. Through a range of programmes put in place by Atlantis’ renowned chefs, your budding chefs will make a delicious journey through the culinary world of Atlantis! From being exposed to different styles of cooking and mastering the art of making sushi, to learning skills for cupcake decoration, pizza preparation and baking, Junior Chef camp will have your kids coming home to teach you a few things.


Aquamania covers all unique water aspects of Atlantis for adventurous kids and teens

Looking for a cool experience for your kids that forgoes the typical summer camps? Give your kids the perfect opportunity to dive into the amazing world of water and discover its incredible creatures. From diving with 65,000 marine animals in the largest open-air aquarium in the region, to scuba diving with the PADI Seal Team and swimming with dolphins at Dolphin Bay, Aquamania camp will guarantee an adventure of a lifetime!

The popular Teen Xtreme camp will get the hard-to-please teens excited with a range of adrenaline-pumping activities

Perfect for the hard-to-please teens who cannot get away from their digital screens, Teen Xtreme camp offers plenty of ways to forget the digital world with its cool and innovative, age-appropriate programmes. Some of the popular outdoor adventure activities on offer include, taking on Leap of Faith, going on a kayaking adventure, and taking part in the Junior Lifeguard training. A well-spent week at the Teen Xtreme camp will make any teen a happy camper!


Teen Athletes offers teens an action-packed programme filled with endless summer sports and fun

Teen Athletes summer camp programme is designed exclusively for teens looking for an action-packed summer filled with athletic activities and sports. From outdoor games and fitness challenges, to amazing water adventures and sports such as football, basketball, taekwondo, bowling and many more, Teen Athletes camp will keep the young sportsman or sportswoman active throughout the summer.

Like these facts? Take a look at the full Atlantis Summer Camps for Kids & Teens Infographic.