Spring Into Aquaventure With An Annual Pass

Spring Into Aquaventure With An Annual Pass

6 April, 2017 By Atlantis Blog

With so much to do and experience at Aquaventure Waterpark you’ll want to return again and again.  This is why we offer an Annual Pass.  It gives you unlimited access to the Park for a whole year as well as discounted prices on other attractions.

Aquaventure Waterpark has won several awards including the prestigious accolade, “Middle East’s Leading Waterpark 2016”.  Once you have visited the Park you will agree it is a well-deserved title.  There is something for everyone, from rides and slides, to beautiful beaches, to a personal experience of sharks and rays.

Rides and Slides at Aquaventure

Saying that there are “rides and slides” at the Park doesn’t capture the exhilarating adventure that awaits the thrill seeker.  The Tower of Poseidon offers a number of slides guaranteed to get your heart racing.  Plummet at 60kms an hour through the tower on the ride fittingly known as Poseidon’s Revenge.  The Aquaconda is the world’s largest waterslide and is a wild ride, including a dark and twisting tunnel.  Race your friends on the dual slide, Slitherine and see if you can break a record.  Or experience weightlessness, mega-plummets and vertical zooms on Zoomerang.

If that’s not enough and you need even more excitement to get your heart racing, you can tackle The Tower of Neptune.  The aptly named Leap of Faith involves a 9-storey near-vertical drop.  Or take an inner tube journey through the core of the Tower, ending in the middle of a shark-infested tank.

With many of these rides you can travel with friends and family, but on some of them you will have to face down the experience alone.  Are you brave enough?  Will you take the plunge?

The Park has a series of interconnected waterways providing an assortment of experiences.  These range from gentle river floating to a white-water adventure.  For an unhurried, relaxed dip try one of the many Zero Entry Pools.  If you are looking for something with more of a buzz, The Rapids and The Torrent are waiting.

Relax on a pristine beach

Aquaventure offers much more than just adrenalin-pumping rides.  With 700m of pristine beach there is plenty of opportunity to kick back and relax.  You can soak up the sun on a deck chair whilst your children build sandcastles in the sand.  Enjoy the peace and quiet on this private beach doing absolutely nothing. Take a quiet stroll and enjoy the beautiful surroundings and soft sand underfoot.

Enter the underwater world of the Shark

A unique experience awaits you with the Shark Safari at Aquaventure.  By donning one of our special helmets you will feel what it is like to have the superpower of breathing under water.  Take a walk through the Shark Lagoon and experience the marvel of these marine animals.  Our marine specialists are on hand to share their knowledge and explain what you can expect to see.

Get up close and personal with a Cownose Ray

Cownose Rays belong to the family of eagle rays.  They are active swimmers with a distinctively shaped head, which gives them their name.  At Aquaventure Waterpark you have the opportunity to hand feed these gentle creatures in the shallow water of the lagoon.  This is a rare experience and will be remembered forever.

What do you get with the Aquaventure Waterpark Annual Pass

The Annual Pass gives you unlimited access to the Waterpark for an entire year.  There are special rates for children and, to qualify, they must be under 1.2m tall.  You can bring 3 guests with you when you visit and their admission fee will be reduced by 25%.

With an Annual Pass you enjoy a number of discounts for surrounding activities.  Enjoy up to 20% off at Dolphin Bay and Sea Lion Point.  These attractions give you a chance to swim and interact with these amazing animals.  You will be delighted by their intelligence and affection.  You will also receive a discount to experience hand feeding the Cownose Rays.

There are further discounts available with the Annual Pass.  These include up to 40% off at The Lost Chambers Aquarium, subject to seasonality; 25% discount on The Lost Chambers Aquarium Back of House Tour; and at Aquaventure Waterpark retail outlets you will pay 20% less for your purchases and 25% less at food and beverage outlets.

How to get your Annual Pass

Simply make your purchase online and then pick up your Annual Pass Card from Aquaventure Ticketing within 30 days of purchase.  Be sure to check the Terms and Conditions pertaining to your card so that you can enjoy the full list of benefits that it provides.

The Annual Pass offers excellent value for money.  It makes good sense to purchase one for the family.  With an Annual Pass you can spend many exciting days having fun in the sun, and creating memories.