Top Facts About Dolphin Bay & Sea Lion Point in Atlantis, The Palm

Top Facts About Dolphin Bay & Sea Lion Point in Atlantis, The Palm

14 August, 2018 By Atlantis Blog

Discover some fascinating facts about the most sophisticated marine mammal conservation and educational habitats for sea lions and dolphins in the best 5-star resort in Dubai.


With a host of impressive qualities, these bewitching sea mammals never cease to amaze. Zip up your wetsuits, strap on your goggles and dive right into the world of prodigious mammals at Atlantis Dubai:

1. Dolphin Bay is 4.5 hectares and includes seven interconnected resident pools and three interactive lagoons

The first thing that comes to people’s minds when someone mentions dolphins in Dubai is Dolphin Bay – the largest, most sophisticated coastal dolphin habitat in the world. Not only do you get to enjoy the best of dolphin experiences in the city, but also play in a host of interactive lagoons and interconnected resident pools that are home to immensely playful and lovable sea mammals.


2. The residents of Dolphin Bay are all Indo-Pacific Bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops aduncus)

Of the salt-water dolphin species, the Indo-Pacific Bottlenose dolphins are the most social by nature and possess extraordinary shallow swimming skills. There are lots of different ways to explore Dolphin Bay, go swimming with dolphins or explore the depths of the Dolphin Bay Lagoon by diving with dolphins to see how they interact underwater.

3. There are a total of 45 experienced Marine Mammal Specialists who look after the Dolphin Bay family members

From bonding with and training our dolphins to interacting with the public during educational programmes and demonstrations, our team of experienced Marine Mammal Specialists are some of the best in the world. Accompany our experts to learn what makes these intelligent creatures so special, and discover how they contribute to Dolphin Bay family’s care and wellbeing.

4. The Dolphin Bay family’s well-being is monitored by an expert team who work with the dolphins to take daily water samples and blow hole swabs as well as monthly blood samples and ultrasound scan

Monitoring and promoting the health and well-being of our dolphins is central to the Marine Mammal Veterinarians at the facility. Just as we routinely get our health check-ups, our dolphins receive their own health, wellbeing and safety check-ups with our experts on a daily basis.

5. On average, the Dolphin Bay family consume between 5-7 kg of fish per day

Every day is a feast day at Dolphin Bay. The typical dolphin will eat fish, including squids and crustaceans, as part of its diet every single day!dolphins-and-sea-lions-atlantis-dubai

6. The hidden fact about dolphins is that the fun squeaks and whistles you hear does NOT come from their mouths – but from their blowholes! These blowholes also help them to breathe as they cannot do so through their mouth!

A dolphin makes a range of clicking and whistling sounds through its blowhole, which is also a fully functional nose. The blowhole is a small opening at the top of a dolphin’s head visible as it swims at the surface of the water.

7. The residents of Sea Lion Point are all South African Fur Seals (Arctocephalus pusillus pusillus). This species is found along the south and southwest coast of southern Africa

A sprawling sea lion enclosure in Atlantis, Sea Lion Point houses the South African Fur Seals – one of the largest species of fur seals in the world. They are highly social marine animals and are endemic to southern African waters.

8. These mammals are anatomically different from the species referred to as seals. Sea Lions have external ear flaps and their flippers are much longer which assist with movement on land

Commonly referred to as ‘sea puppies’, sea lions have a different physical makeup in comparison to seals. The difference between the two mammals centre on their ears and flippers. seals-in-sea-lion-point-atlantis-dubai

9. The Atlantis Marine Mammal Specialists spend nine hours daily working on their relationships with the Sea Lions

In order to establish a healthy relationship with sea lions, our Marine Mammal Specialists at Atlantis spend an average of nine hours observing and studying them closely. Their daily duties include food preparation and feeding, maintaining accurate health and behavioural records, and creating a fun environment to ensure the habitat is well kept.

10. Despite appearing hyperactive and energetic, Sea Lions do love a nap, sleeping an average of 17–32% of their day

Yawn! These sea critters spend most of the day sleeping and feed at night. They log anywhere up to 12 hours of snoozing every day.

11. Despite never being fussy for fish, the Sea Lion Point family do have their favourite dishes. Herring, Smelt, Capelin and Squid all get the best reviews during dinner time

Sea lions have a high metabolism that demands they eat a wide variety of fish to store up enough fat.

Like these facts? Take a look at the full Atlantis Dolphin Bay & Sea Lion Point Top Facts Infographics.

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