Your Guide to the Top Instagram-Worthy Places to Visit in Atlantis, The Palm

As the old adage goes: Instagram or it didn’t happen.

Let’s be honest here, as far as generations go, we are one lucky crop. Sure, our world has a few lingering issues that we need to sort out, but for the most part, the progress we have made as humankind has been and continues to be, monumental.

After all, never before our time has the world been so close and accessible, nor has it ever been so open and welcoming. Earlier, we weren’t able to discover so many new places and revel in the most exotic locations from the comfort of our own couch. And had the privilege to share so much of our journeys and exploits with our friends, family and followers at the touch of a button. And why shouldn’t we, when there’s so much to be seen, to be discovered, to be shared?

As one of the world’s most exciting cities, Dubai holds some truly sensational locations that deserve to be visited – and documented on social media, of course – with one of the most popular Atlantis, The Palm. An architectural marvel and visual treat, this luxury 5-star hotel has been a staple across social media channels since it opened its doors to the world in 2008. And with such beautiful panoramas, a permanent summery vibe and picturesque backdrops, Atlantis Dubai is an Instagram goldmine.

This iconic luxury beachfront resort has an amazing array of signature underwater suites, unique marine and waterpark attractions, inimitable family friendly entertainment offerings and thousands of marine animals in its expansive waterscape surrounded by The Palm Islands.

Take a look at some of the top facts about Atlantis Dubai If you are curious to learn more about this all-inclusive luxury holiday destination and check off the most sought-after things to do in Atlantis’ bucket list. By now, we believe we have the insider advantage when it comes to taking the perfect Instagram shot at this, and we’re about to share that with you.

Here are the top Instagram-worthy places you might want to check out the next time you’re at Atlantis, The Palm:

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Top Facts About Atlantis’ Rooms and Signature Suites

While it’s true that there’s no place like home, staying for a few nights at a comfortable hotel has to be up there on your list of favourite things to do. Especially when your stay happens to be at one of the world’s most iconic luxury 5-star hotel and beachfront resort in Dubai, which is replete with the most breath-taking panoramic views, the most exciting on-site amenities and the most delicious seaside restaurants in the region.

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Behind The Scenes of Ayamna – The Secret is in the Cheese!

We are excited to share yet another exclusive interview with one of our amazing chefs, Ali Albourji from Ayamna Lebanese Restaurant in Dubai and unveil the secrets of making a good Kunafa along with other kitchen secrets.

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Your Guide to the Ultimate Ramadan Celebrations at award-winning dining Venues in Atlantis, The Palm

With the holy month of Ramadan just days away, Muslims all over the world are gearing up for the religious observance of daily fast and absistence from sunrise to sunset. And there is no better way to end the fast than to indulge in an appetizing array of nosh-ups in Dubai. There is a rich variety of Ramadan Iftar and Suhoor events at Dubai’s eternally popular dining venues at Atlantis, The Palm, offering excellent opportunities to socialize with friends and family in true Arabian style.

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Go Behind-the-Scenes of the Enormously Popular Atlantis Fan Suite in Dubai!

There are few things in life more satisfying than spending a night at one of the top luxury hotels in the world, enjoying the best Dubai water park activities and seaside adventures might also be up there on the list. Oh, and connecting with the whole online world while doing so.

As part of their initiative to give back to their fans, Atlantis The Palm recently unveiled The Atlantis Fan Suite, a digitalized interactive suite available exclusively for their Facebook fans and online followers.

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